14 Feb 2015

Whew! and feedback

I just got 11 new reviews drafted with pictures! Now to write them...

Now I'd like to ask something of my readers. Would you rather see more
1. High End beauty reviews
2. Drugstore beauty reviews
3. Budget beauty reviews
4. Challenges
5. Tutorials?

Also, for anyone who loves beauty, I'd like to direct you to the forum I participate on- http://www.ourbeautytalk.com/ . It's an amazing community of supportive ladies and gentlemen where we talk about subscription boxes, discuss indies, post our empties, gab about new releases and so much more! I'm turntrekgodhead on the site. I highly recommend you join if you've even the slightest interest in makeup (which you evidently do if you're reading this!). You won't regret it!

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