24 Feb 2015

Review: e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick in Lilac Petal

Another relic from that old e.l.f. order! Here we have the All Over Color Stick from their essential line in Lilac Petal. It's supposed to work on lips, cheeks and eyes.

It's a short chubby stick, similar to cream blush. It's got a rather wide circumference.

Lilac Petal is and a mix of light pink and mauve with a crapton of silver shimmer. Like, so much shimmer, guys. Also, it smells like lemon candy!

Here it is blended on my cheeks. Oh, god, it's beautiful. I'm glowing. For a dollar! Holy smokes. I ... wow. I look gorgeous. 

This is supposed to be an all-over stick, though, so let's try it on lips and eyes. 

Do I like it on my lips?

I do not like it on my lips.

I do not like it, Sam I Am. 

Seriously though, that's one frosty pink hot mess.

Do I like it on my eyes?

Okay, let's say if I had one product to use on my entire face, I'd choose this. But I wouldn't wear this on my eyes otherwise. It creases like no other, even though it looks pretty upon application.

Anyway, this is one heck of a cheap thrill for a dollar. Its application on the cheeks is second to none, and I'd be satisfied with its quality at a mid-range price, even. It's def-o not perfect for everyone, but it's one nice product. I'm almost proud of it. My underdog fave, e.l.f. essential all over color stick!

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