7 Feb 2015

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Baked Shadow Duos

I'm going to show you guys my favourite drugstore shadows, even if I'm not sure if they're available for purchase anymore. Because I'm mean like that. Anyway, the Maybelline Eye Studio baked shadow duos. Is that even what they're called?

My mom picked up four of these and didn't like them because the shimmer made her look too old or something, so she gave them to me. I picked up two more in a clearance bin a couple of years later. Maybe you should just take this review as an exercise of what a drugstore baked eyeshadow should be?

A closer look:

(L-R) Sinful Sinnamon, Navy Narcissist, Lawless Lavender

(L-R) Silver Starlet, Downtown Denim, Bronze Blowout

See that beautiful marbling on the right side? Pure magic.

And now some swatches! All dry, two swipes of the finger, no primer.

(Top Two- Silver Starlet)
(Bottom Two- Sinful Sinnamon)

The Silver Starlet duo consists of a nice pink-camel colour and a dark bluish silver that's not as sparkly as one would think when they hear the word 'silver'.

The Sinful Sinnamon duo has a white-red marble that translates to a frosty pink when swatched, and a brown-ish red (dare I say Marsala)?

(Top two- Navy Narcissist)
(Bottom Two- Downtown Denim)

The Navy Narcissist duo has a cute swirl of colours that look like a blue-gray when swatched, and a luminous electric blue.

The Downtown Denim duo has a gorgeous blue-gold duochrome and a grey-blurple.

(Top Two- Lawless Lavender)
(Bottom Two- Bronze Blowout)

Lawless Lavender's two shades are almost the same, both lavender with silver glitter. The marbled shade is a hint lighter and more pink.

Bronze Blowout has a breathtaking orange-gold bronze and an intense brown with the slightest hint of gold.

Here's how they translate on the eyes- I might change these pictures because they were rushed and I should have applied them wet.

Lawless Lavender.

Sinful Sinnamon.

Bronze Blowout.

Silver Starlet.

Downtown Denim.

I just really love these shadows. Revlon, please bring them back!


  1. They're very, VERY similar looking to some of the ones MAC has released over the years. Must be intentional I think!

    1. Oh, most likely! I hadn't even thought of that! I've been lusting over the MAC mineralize shadows in general, so these are good to practice my application techniques with.


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