20 Feb 2015

Review: GOSH Defining Brow Gel in 003

You can do so many things with your brows- there are powders, mousses, waxes, mascaras and gels to tint them, fill in gaps and hold the hairs in place. Around the start of the new year I decided to try a tinted brow gel, and chose GOSH's Defining Brow Gel in 003.

003 is a translucent, very wet dark brown gel. Its consistency is kind of slippery. It's nothing like Benefit's Gimme Brow- it doesn't coat the hairs in colour so much as the colour sits on top. It has a traditional mascara-y type wand.

It keeps my brow hairs in place, and I use it in a pinch (like on the weekends when I have to run out the door) but I find it can't be used on its own. I have to mash the brush onto my face to get any sort of colour, and it doesn't do anything to fill in my gaps. So, I usually use this on top of my brow powder.

This product is kind of a fail for me, because it didn't do what I wanted it to do- colour and save me a step in my routine. Instead, it's just an added step. If your brows don't need colour but tend to skew off during the day, you might want this, but you really don't need it. A clear mascara or some vaseline and a q-tip will give virtually the same effect.

So, while I'm glad to have this for my rushed days, I kinda grump about having spent money on it and wouldn't be heartbroken in it were to disappear.

That's my take!

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