25 Feb 2015

Review: Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet

Oh, man. If you've ever been to the beauty side of youtube, you've heard raves about Revlon's lip butters. People say they're the perfect lip product, totally amazing and moisturizing and lovely colours and JUST SO GREAT.

I'm here to give you my take on them! I've owned two Revlon lip butters and I'm going to review just Sorbet, because I chucked the other one (Lollipop? Gumdrop? It was a pastel purple that just looked like pure hell) a couple months back.

I'm going to start by saying that I don't wear this often so it hasn't had the chance to really grow on me. I got it a little less than a year ago but I have so many lip products, it's not a staple. 

Okay, first off, gorgeous packaging. I love the look of the case.

However, for some weird reason my tube is misaligned with my lip butter and it gets all weird and grody at the top of the metal tube.

The consistency of the actual product is rather thick, though not as thick as the other shade I had, which was just nasty. I'm relieved that it hasn't gone all bad or bubbly or greasy on the outside.

Colour is adequate in one swipe (bottom), but can be built up to near-opacity (top). It looks very nice and really evokes a candy-like aesthetic.

If I give it more than three passes on my lips, it feels borderline heavy and uncomfortably sweaty. It has no discernible taste or smell, which I usually like, but with this it just makes it feel like I'm wearing a slightly-congealed layer of petroleum jelly on my lips.

This colour is very flattering and I do get compliments whenever I wear it. Lasting time is the same as your average tinted lip balm- which, on me, is about an hour at most. It slips and slides around and sinks into lip lines. It feels thicker on some parts of my lips than others, so I'm constantly licking them to try and even it out. My lips don't feel moisturized after wearing it- actually, they feel gummy and then they peel.

So... this much-beloved product; I just don't like it. I'll continue to wear it occasionally, I guess, on lazy days in the summer, until it goes bad. Hell, I might even pan it in the future- since it requires so much reapplication it should be easy enough to use up. But I'll never purchase another one. I wish I could see what makes these so magical, I really do, but I have so many more lip products that I actually enjoy wearing that these just aren't worth my time.


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