27 Feb 2015

Review: Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner in Graphite and Violet

I used to turn my nose up at Laura Mercier. Only normal, boring people use Laura Mercier, I thought. Everything in that line is so colourless, and boring, day-to-day office-job fare.
And then I discovered her eyeliners.

Look at 'em cute little pots!

(L-R) Graphite, Violet

(L-R) Graphite, Violet

Graphite isn't really a gray, more of a green-grey. It's pretty distinctly greenish on the eyes, and the first thing I thought of as soon as I swatched it was Ponyboy from the Outsiders and his eyes that were greyish, but he wished they were green.

Violet is a beautiful royal purple. Once it dries it looks more black, so it takes an up-close look to see that it's purple.

Their consistency is super fluid. It really is a cream more than a gel eyeliner, so they at least got the naming right!

One problem I have every time I wear these, though, is their fluidity. It's hard to get a thick, opaque line with a brush sometimes.

Now, I suck royally at any eyeliner that isn't pencil, but I tried.

Here's a few pictures of Violet on my eyes:

It didn't smudge, I just had to do the wings that way because of my eye shape. These pictures were taken after about 7 hours of wear. This stuff stays for days, and it's a bugger to remove even with makeup remover!

Here's Graphite, pictures taken immediately after application. I accidentally smudged it onto my lid (these take about 3 minutes to fully dry) so no closed-eye pictures.

These stay in my waterline an impressive five hours without irritation. I personally wouldn't tightline with them, though, just because of how wet they are.

These are very nice eyeliners, and I'm impressed with Graphite being as interesting a colour as it is! I haven't really tried many other cream eyeliners so I'm not sure if I can judge against much, but from what I can tell, these are pigmented, manipulable and long-wearing, which is the mark of a good eyeliner! One thing about these is that they tend to go quickly- as the product is so creamy, a lot, and I mean a lot of it is wasted on the brush every time you use it. If you're someone who likes using up things like I do, and only uses cream eyeliner as a special treat, this could be swell! But if you're someone who uses cream eyeliner as a daily staple, Laura Mercier creme eyeliners could become an expensive habit to break.

What's your favourite type of eyeliner?

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