7 Feb 2015

Review: Hard Candy Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Palette in Raining Men

Every blogger has a brand that they can't stand, that they think is total crap, and nothing they ever buy from that brand ever works for them. That's me with Hard Candy... until now. I recently pruchased their Top Ten eyeshadow palettes in Raining Men and Green with Envy. I'm here to review the former.

My friends didn't like the design on the outside, but it's fabric and studs. It's textured, and it's actually good for my sensory issues.

The shades don't have names so I numbered them for my swatches.

Shadow 1 is a brassy champagne with lots of silver glitter. Pigmentation is a little weak.

Shadow 2 is a mauvey purple that looks more red on the lids.

Shadow 3 is a glittery silver that I find rather impressive.

Shadow 4 is a steely blue-grey.

Shadow 5 is a dark brown, again rather nice.

Shadow 6 is my favourite- it's a beautiful orangey copper.

Shadow 7 is an orange-red satin.

Shadow 8 is a champagne with some texture issues- it's kind of flaky. If you own the Naked 3 palette, it's similar to Dust in texture. 

Shadow 9 is a forest green.

Shadow 10 is what my friends described as 'puke' but I rather like it, a mossy gold glitter.

The palette doesn't seem to keep to any sort of theme, so it can be difficult to finagle a look or two out of it without using any other palettes or singles.

I've been testing these over different primers and here's what I've managed so far.

(Shades 2, 4 and 5 over Wet N Wild Fergie Take on the Day eyeshadow primer and NYX jumbo shadow pencil in Milk)

(Shades 3 and 4 over Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cream Eye Shadow in Overboard)

(Shades 6 and 7 over Maybelline Colour Tattoo is Fierce & Tangy)

(Shades 1, 5, 8, 9 and 10 over Maybelline Leather Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige)

These have a decent wear time, I wore them out for 5-6 hours in inclement weather for that first shot and they came out fine. They don't do well without a primer, though. They also tend to kick up quite a bit of powder and fallout, so if you're someone who does their face makeup before their eyes, you might want to switch up your routine if you plan on wearing these!

This palette has changed my perspective on Hard Candy cosmetics, enough to make me want to buy the rest of their Top Ten eyeshadow palettes but not enough to trust their other cosmetics. Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of the shadows for the price, but I think that as a palette the colours are a bit disjointed.

Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart and does not test on animals.


  1. Do you do your swatches over primer?

    1. Nope! Each swatch is done with my finger, two swipes, no primer.


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