14 Feb 2015

Review: Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Rose Blush

As hard as I try, it's hard to resist a good sale. I saw this on sale at Loblaws for something like four bucks, thought "I definitely don't have enough lip gloss", and bought this. It doesn't count against my no-buy, I swear! I had a gift card ... !

This is my first taste of Milani's lip products. The packaging on this Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss is significantly better than the rest of their line of cosmetics, which tend to crack and fall apart while still on display in the store! It has a soft fuzzy applicator that is flat on both sides.

The colour is the colour of a dark pink rose. It's not what I would think of upon hearing "Rose Blush", but this is my favourite shade of pink, nonetheless. It matches my e.l.f. lipstick in Rosy-Go-Round perfectly. The gloss has silvery microglitter-shimmer suspended in it that is visible on the lips.

This gloss is very sheer on the lips, but thick in consistency. It's the slightest bit sticky and has good staying power for a gloss- about 5 hours. It smells like vanilla soft-serve ice cream (delicious!), though the scent dissipates after approximately five minutes. There's no discernable taste.

The overall effect is high-shine. I'd wear this on days I've done a bold eye look. At the moment, I'm working through a very similar gloss for project finish-it, so I might end up giving this to my sister for that reason.

This lip gloss receives a solid B++ from me! I wish it were more pigmented and less sticky, but the yummy scent and staying power are great.

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