16 Feb 2015

Mani-Pedi Monday!

In making this post, I made an important discovery about myself: I am an impatient person, and thus do not like painting my nails. But I suffered through, for you guys, to show you my crapshoot at covering the tips of my fingers and toes in coloured chemicals.

I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes in Style Maker for my toes and Black-y O for my fingers.
Unfortunately, I don't have the Miracle Gel topcoat. I am a failure.

The polish was very thick, there was tons of it, and it was impossible to get a thick coat. It also got tacky really easily, but took a long time to really dry. It tended to slide down my fingernails and group near the cuticles if I didn't keep my hands completely flat.

Also, I suck at painting my nails.

Style Maker.

Black-y O.

I won't be using these polishes again, at least without the topcoat. Oh well. I have lots of polish, and at least I stole (ahem... borrowed) these from my sister.

I just thought I'd do a different kind of post because I've been posting reviews nearly exclusively lately.

Hope you're all having a great Family Day/President's Day/Normal Day!

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