28 Feb 2015

Empties February 2015

Here are my empties for the month! I'll be posting the trashed products that weren't totally used up in a separate post.

Here we go!

L'oreal Voluminous Naturale Mascara
Oh, boy, I used this mascara for way too long but I did love it so. I purchased it at Beautiful Brands in Guelph, Ontario back in the start of November, and it had already been discontinued. It really was a natural, non-gloppy, waterproof, foolproof mascara! I miss it already, but about a week ago I pulled the wand out of the tube and a rancid burning rubber smell hit my nose, so it was time for it to go! Repurchase? If only I could!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser:  Meh. FAB has so many exciting products and Sephora chooses to send me this? It's boring. The consistency was nice but I hated the smell. It smelled like plastic. It cleaned my face, but not in an absolutely amazing way, and at what cost?
 Purchase? No.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder: There was barely enough to powder my T-Zone in this sample. It was nice enough.
Purchase? No, I have other, cheaper powders I like better.

Arbonne Calm Daily Gentle Moisturizer: I actually really liked this, it made my skin very soft and wasn't greasy. 
Purchase? No, too expensive.

Sephora Perfume cards- Tory Burch, Chloe Love Story, Gucci Guilty, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White:I got these pull-off perfume cards in a Sephora order and tried them all, but couldn't really get much scent off of them. Tory Burch was nice, though.
 Purchase? No.

Bath and Body Works Mini Mason Jar candles in Watermelon Lemonade, Vanilla Chai, And Gourmet Espresso
My stepdad must have thrown out my empty Gourmet Espresso jar, but I'll use the other two for storing sugar scrubs in the shower so that they don't dry out. The scents- I LOVED Vanilla Chai, it was soft, sweet and spicy. Gourmet Espresso was a bit too sweet and fake-chocolate smelling. Watermelon Lemonade was so strong! It smelled just like a watermelon jolly rancher. I loved it, but my family has banned me from purchasing this scent again.
 Repurchase? I will definitely buy a full-sized Vanilla Chai if it's rereleased!

MAC Naked Honey Body Wash: This took years to use up. I used to save it for special occasions. It's got a very seductive, sexy scent to it that I like- honey and musk. It had a nice lather but I'm not sure it was very good at cleaning, just perfuming.
 Repurchase? I'm not sure if this is available anymore. If it were available as perhaps an eau de toilette I would buy it, but not another body wash.

There are my empties for this month! There weren't many but I swear I've been more diligent in using stuff up. 

Full Size: 2
Deluxe: 3
Samples: 7
TOTAL this year: 12


  1. Wow, I've never even heard of the Voluminous Naturale one. It must've come and gone very quickly.

    Aha, you got one of the legendary Naked Honey products. I must've totally missed that collection because I didn't get anything from it. (No idea what planet I was on!)

    1. According to the American website it's still available, but the store I bought mine from is mainly bootleg-supplied by American overstock. Maybe it's only available in the states? Just like another holy grail of mine. Frown!

      Ooh, legendary? Haha. My aunt used to be a MAC rep and she'd send me all sorts of things when I was a kid. Sad that I wasn't big into makeup like I am now, I'd die to get those freebies!


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