21 Feb 2015

Review: Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Holiday 2014

Hello! I'm here to review a present that my lovely sister got me for Christmas- the Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix from this past holiday season! Unfortunately it's now out of stock, and only two out of the four shades are available in the permanent line of High Pigment Pencils. But here's to me reviewing the formulation anyways?

(L-R) Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Winterberry, Sable

They come in a cute rubberized red tin. It's so cute, that I couldn't even show you because then you'd get sad because you missed out on its cuteness.

(Top to Bottom) Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Winterberry, Sable

These pencils are very, very soft and get messy very easily- just look at that picture! They have a creamy consistency and don't drag, but don't glide either. They feel waxy in a way, almost like a soft cheese.

Oh god, I apologize for my chin in these next few swatches. I forgot the concealer, forgive me Beauty Blog God for I have sinned.

Rhubarb is a true Christmassy bright red that feathers on my top lip unless I use a lip liner, which I didn't for this picture. But, for reference, I usually use Joe Fresh's Deep Red. It's a classy red that still says, "Hey! Look at me being all classy and in-charge!" It's available in the Bite Beauty permanent line of High Pigment pencils.

Sable is my favourite of the whole set, but it seemed to be everyone else's least favourite from the reviews I saw. It's a "nude pink" that is literally the perfect shade of flattering soft pink for me. It's my "MLBB shade."

It's not available outside of this set, and for that I cry.

Rhubarb, however, is available in the permanent line. I thought this would be a vampy plum colour, but ... it's not. It's a very wearable pinky-wine. There's literally nothing wrong with it, I just feel a bit bored with it. 

Winterberry is another limited edition shade, and another featherer. I thought it would be a fuschia but it's more of a bright rose, if you get my drift. It's nice but it's the one I wear the least, for whatever reason. 

All of these wear for around six hours. You can physically feel them sitting on top of your lips, which some people might not like. I've gotten used to it. They have a subtle sweet taste when you lick your lips that I quite like.

The Sephora info for this product claims a bunch of anti-aging benefits of reservatrol or something, but that's all bull. It's a lipstick, kind of a nice one. It's not a magic wand. 

Anyway, the price for these is rather steep for what they are and unless you plan on buying a shade you'll wear everyday, I recommend waiting for Chic Week or the VIB sale week to grab one! I'm glad I own them, though!


  1. Excellent lighting in these shots! It really shows the colours in the lipsticks up so well! I picked up this set as a gift for a friend, but never got it for myself. Winterberry looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if they were showing up true to colour or not. It's a really nice set, and I hope I can score the one they put out next year, too! It really is a bargain considering the price of their regular products.


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