23 Feb 2015

Monthly Favourites: February 2015

I realize this is a bit early as it's only the 23rd. However, I doubt I'll irrevocably fall in love with something in the next five days!

Anyway, I have a huge makeup collection so I never tend to wear one product twice in a row unless I'm trying to pan it- but here are the products I've been veering towards this past month, along with a couple of extras!


Maybelline MasterConceal by Facestudio Camouflaging Concealer in shade 10 Fair (Review)
I finally found it, a concealer that's perfect for me! I have an irrational compulsion to hoard some more tubes in case the whole "Master" line by Maybelline goes flop, but have to keep reminding myself that it would go bad anyway!

Too Faced Jingle All the Way Phone Palette (Review)
This is an item I'm using for project pan, and in being forced to spend time with it, I've come to love it all over again. I look forward to using it tons in upcoming months!

GOSH Defining Eyebrow Gel in 003 (Review)
I know, I know, I reviewed this and said I didn't really like it. But I've been reaching for it over and over this month when I'm lazy and don't want to powder in my brows. It's grown on me for its convenience, especially on the weekends when my brows need time to breathe so I don't get dandruff (ew!) but I'm in part loving this because I want to use it up!

Annabelle Instaglam Liquid Eye Liner and Mascara Touch Up 
I'm exclusively talking about the liner here, but I love it because it's just so precise. Never before did I think I could do black liquid liner!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige (Review)
I've been using this as an eye base often, and it's the best colour tattoo I've had. It goes well with lots of my shadows and is so easy to slap on!

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Eyeshadow Primer
I've been trying to use up this deluxe sample so I guess it's a favourite for this month! It works better than UD, and about the same as my Wet N Wild. I really like the consistency of it though!

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour in 100 (Review)
It's perfect for winter- it gives me that snow-fairy glow. Plus!! Rose scented powder!!!!

Coconut Oil
My new best friend, my be-all and end-all. I have several moisturizer samples to use up but once I do, I'll be switching to this exclusively. It cleared up my KP issues (bumpy skin on the face) and takes off every shred of makeup without irritation. I also make awesome lip scrubs with it!

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Lacquer in Lime Basil
I love all of the Parfumerie lacquers and would really love to collect them all, but this one is my favourite! It's opaque in one coat, a good base for glitters, a gorgeous colour and smells like a margarita. Plus it's the strongest, longest-lasting scent of the bunch! The only thing I don't like about this is that if I don't use a base coat, it stains my nails yellow and green. :(

Chai Tea
I recently discovered the wonders of chai tea and I'm in love. I actually prefer this to coffee, which is good on my stomach! It also goes better with my medication than coffee does, which is a total relief.

Terre D'Hermes Cologne
This is a strong scent, smelling of oranges and musk. I love it, and I wear it on days where I'm feeling more grown-up or androgynous. I was sent this sample by Sephora... who doesn't sell this scent in Canada! Bonkers!

Well, that's it for February's favourites! I hope it's warmer in March... who's looking forward to March Break?

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