1 Feb 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios

I’ve been collecting these shadow trios for a while, and I always get excited when I see a new one! Wet N Wild has some great, severely underrated eyeshadow. It’s perfect and comes in fun colours as well as wearable neutrals, perfect for beginners! 

I find wear time to be good, but I have dry lids. I’d say the shimmers last about 5 hours without creasing, though primer is good for preventing your shadows from fading (Wet n Wild also makes a spectacular eye shadow primer.) They all come with a little applicator and a brush, but I throw those out right away. These look a lot better when you just stick your finger right in the pan and onto your eye.
Let’s take a look at the shades I own!
Knock on Wood
This photo makes it a little washed-out, but this trio contains a light rosy pink, a dark warm brown, and a cool mauvey-mahogany.
They swatch beautifully, but I have a bit of trouble getting them to look nice on my eyes- when I try to blend, they fade and become muddy. I also had a problem with fallout.
I haven’t had problems when I wear them over a cream shadow, though (I use Maybelline’s Leather Color Tattoos.)

Walking on Eggshells
This is the first trio I ever bought! It’s the best palette for beginners who want work-appropriate, uncomplicated looks. It consists of a sparkly buttermilk-like colour, a medium shimmery smooth brown, and a pinky-champagne that is a very close match for Urban Decay’s Sin.
It’s hard to screw up.

I Got Good Jeans
I love this trio. I found it at Buck or Two and now my search for the perfect gold shadow is over- I like the lid shade better than my Stila one. This trio contains three gorgeous shadows- a shimmery sky blue, a satin navy and the most brilliant gold.
I tend to wear these shadows apart from each other, never all three together. I don’t want shimmery blue on my browbone, sorry.
So this next look isn’t too coordinated, but that says nothing about the quality of the shadows, which are spectacular.

I Dream of Greenie
I’m always super excited to wear these, they’re so gorgeous and are an instant confidence boost. This trio contains a shimmering seafoam green, a shamrock green, and a sparkly lime.
Never believe anyone who says green eyeshadow is ugly or muddy- they’re effing liars. Here’s a look I did for Christmas.

I’m Feeling Retro

Ah, I’m Feeling Retro. I have such a mixed relationship with you. You swatch beautifully but your colours fade so quickly, and I feel like I keep you around solely for collection purposes. I’m Feeling Retro has a sparkly-ass white, a gorgeous blue-jeans colour and a magenta-purple duochrome.
See? They’re not as intense as I’d hoped. I don’t have anything like that magenta duochrome in my collection, though.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend you go pick up some Wet N Wild eyeshadow, beginner or not! These trios usually retail around 3 dollars at Walmart.

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