16 Feb 2015

Colour of the Day: Green!

The second installment of the series where I grab all the products of a certain colour out of my makeup bag and swatch them for you! Today I've chosen green. Keep in mind as always that it's not an exhaustive list, just what I had on-hand at the moment.

This wouldn't really count as "green"- most of these are barely that, but hey, maybe I'm just not a green girl.

1- Sephora+Pantone Universe Elemental Molten Liquid Liner (2013 exclusive)
2- NYX Eyeshadow in Lime Juice
3, 4, 5 and 6- Shades from the Hardy Candy Top 10 Palette in Green With Envy
7- Detrivore Cosmetics Bog Body loose eyeshadow
8- NYX Macaron lippie in Pistachio
9- NYX Macaron lippie in Key Lime
10- GOSH Velvet Touch eye liner in Lemon Soda
11- Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eye liner in Turquoise
12- Maybelline Great Lash coloured mascara in Teal Appeal
13- Rimmel Extra POP Lash in Pop Green
14- Some rando neon mascara I got in a set of 4. Dollar-store quality
15- Revlon Eye Art Lid+Lash+Line in Green Glimmer

Well, that's all I had n me! Have a good day!

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