1 Feb 2015

Review: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio in Fire

Do you ever see such an amazing deal on a product that you literally have to buy it, on the off-chance you might like it? That’s what happened to me with this slightly-dinged Shiseido trio I found at Marshalls for five bucks (original forty). Yeah, original forty, so I literally stood there, holding it in my hand, and said “HOLY HECK” loud enough for the entire department to hear. Then I rushed to the checkout before anyone could pry this marked-down piece of gold from my poor, desperate hands.
How does it measure up to its original price tag? Quite nicely. I don’t think I’d pay forty dollars for it, but probably 30. It comes with a dual-ended sponge-tipped applicator which is actually the best sponge-tipped applicator I’ve ever used. The skinny end is perfect for shadow-lining with the black shade, and the brush is good in a pinch.
The colours- a satin black, an intense, shimmery orange and a pearly light silver, satisfy immensely.
They’re extremely soft and blendable. Here’s how this stuff looks on my face:
If you want nice high-end eyeshadow and find this at a good price or have 40 totally expendable dollars, then go for it right now. Just buy this if you want great eyeshadow quality, really.

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