7 Feb 2015

Review: Revlon Eye Art Lid+Lash+Line liquid eyeshadows and glitter eyeliner

Have you ever seen something and thought, “I don’t even care how that works. I want to collect them all.” That’s my brother with pokemon cards, and me with these babies here.

I’m still missing quite a few, but aren’t they beautiful? Way more collectable than Baby Lips… not so much as eos lip balms, though.
The colours are beautiful, too.

They have a doe-foot applicater for the cream shadow and a pointy brush for the glitter.

The deal is that they’re liquid eyeshadow on one side, and a glitter liner on the other. You’re supposed to be able to use the glitter on the tips of your lashes for extra bling, too.

(Lilac Lustre and Green Glimmer)

Lilac Lustre is a bluey-lavender shadow and liner is purple glitter suspended in a mostly-clear base.

Green Glimmer is a teal shadow and teal and blue glitter in a clear base.

(Burnished Bling and Gold Glitz)

Burnished Bling is a gleaming copper shadow paired with a gold glitter in a brown base.

Gold Glitz is a yellow shadow with a silver glitter suspended in a semi-transparent black base (this one is my favourite!).
(Crystal Cobalt)

Crystal Cobalt is a steel blue shadow (identical to my eye colour!) and silver-multicolour glitter in a steely gel base. This one is kind of weak.

They can be kind of awkward to apply- you have to make sure they don’t go patchy and they take a while to dry. If you look the wrong way and they’re not dry, bam, they smudge. :( 
The liners are beautiful but smeary and there is a significant problem I have. You know when you were a kid and you would put elmer’s glue on your hand, then peel it off when it dried? That’s what these tend to do.

A warning to those with sensitive eyes- these shadows sometimes burn if I put them on my bare lids. Be careful and stay away from these if you have sensitive eyelids, because I don't and they still sting while they dry.

(Lilac lustre with L'oreal infallible Goldmine patted into it.)

(Cobalt Crystal shadow and Burnished Bling liner)

(Green Glimmer shadow and Gold Glitz liner)

Overall, I'm not as impresed with these as I should be, considering how many I have. If you want these and have previous experience with both liquid eyeshadow and liner, go for it! If you're a beginner, though, I'd pass these up.

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