7 Feb 2015

Review: e.l.f. Studio Line Moisturizing Lipstick

I've been wanting to review these babies since I got them a year ago!
Without further ado, the elf studio line moisturizing lipsticks!

(L-R) Velvet Rope, Flirty & Fabulous, Rosy-Go-Round

I don't know why they have two different cases, as I ordered them all online at the same time. Both cases are nice, though. These lipsticks screw all the way down, too, which is something other value brands seem to have trouble with (cough cough wetnwild cough).

The elf moisturizing lipsticks' finish is on the creamy-glossy side, and they are fully opaque. They have a subtle vanilla scent that I adore.

(L-R) Velvet Rope, Flirty & Fabulous, Rosy-Go-Round

Velvet Rope is a lovely red, almost incomparable in its colour. It's not very blue-toned, and could never be mistaken for pink.

Flirty & Fabulous is a Barbie-fuschia that's on the glossier side.

Rosy-Go-Round is my favourite lipstick colour ever. If bubblegum-rose were a colour, this would be it.

These lipsticks last me around five hours; the gloss fades, but they leave a stain.

My one beef with these lipsticks is a packaging flaw.

See that? That's what happens when a lipstick base is wobbly. I'm always afraid my beloved Rosy-Go-Round will break off at the base. I mean, for 3 dollars, I can easily buy another, but it's sad when you love everything else about a product and then something like this happens.

Another home run for elf! I'd like to try the entire shade range of these lipsticks!

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