6 Feb 2015

Review: Annabelle TwistUp Retractable lipstick crayons

I had never really lingered at the Annabelle display at my local pharmacy, but recently I've been wanting to try out some Canadian cosmetics brands. So as my first foray into the brand, I picked up three shades of their TwistUp lipsticks, because the colours looked interesting.

(L-R) Mai Tai, Kinky Pink, Royale 

I expected these to be opaque, but they apply rather sheer, like tinted lip balms.

(Top to Bottom) Mai Tai, Kinky Pink, Royale

Albeit, nice tinted lip balms, but not opaque "lipsticks". They'd be better to just call these lip crayons.

Mai Tai is a candy apple red.

Kinky Pink is a shocking fuschia that's very flattering.

Royale is the colour of grape juice.

Overall, these are very nice if you're looking for a sheer wash of colour. I prefer lip gloss for that purpose, so I've given these away already!


  1. I remember checking out Anabelle when I was a lot younger, but for whatever reason I wasn't especially drawn to the brand. That being said, these products actually look pretty interesting since the shades are quite lovely. Too bad they didn't work out for you though!

    1. Their marker liner (the one with the coloured 'mascara touch-up' on the other end) is quite nice too! These lipsticks look right up your alley though. :D
      Psst! If you buy one of these online from the company website, you can get another one for free by entering the code 'LOULOU' at the checkout until February 19th. ;D

      Thank you so much for commenting!


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