14 Feb 2015

Review: Femme Couture Perfect Arch Soft Powder Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

I've been filling my sparse brows in with the same powder ever since I started applying makeup; however, I've recently felt as if I was missing out on all the other possible ways to tame my unruly brows.
So, naturally, I went shopping. I ended up picking up the Femme Couture Perfect Arch soft powder brow pencil.

It's definitely what it says it is- a powder pencil. I was greatly intrigued because I thought this would be the perfect way to cut down on the products I bring to school for touch-ups, while still achieving the same effect as my beloved brow powder and angled brush.

It swatches perfectly- soft, powdery, goes on like nothing. It's a cool-toned medium brown, not waxy at all. It is truly a powder pencil.

However, I have a problem when it comes to application- my eyebrow hair is so thick that it's hard to get this pencil under them to fill in the gaps without whacking all the hairs the wrong way. Plus the skin under my brows is really super dry, so the pencil will often knock flakes (ew!!!) of skin off my face.

Here's what my untamed, unplucked brow looks like with just the pencil.

While this pencil did a good job of creating a nice shape on the inner corner of my eyebrow, it unfortunately didn't meet my long list of needs when it comes to eyebrow colour. However, I do recommend this to anyone who wants a soft, subtle brow pencil!

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