22 Feb 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks in 24 Carrot Gold and Cherry Picking

Wet N Wild is probably my favorite all-around beauty brand other than essence, and they're even harder to find where I live. I tend to make a ton of impulse purchases whenever I spot them. My first lipstick by them was Cherry Picking, and then my friend got me 24 Carrot Gold for Christmas because she had seen me waffling over it so many times. Thanks, Kass!

(24 Carrot Gold, Cherry Picking)

As you can see, they have a large flattish top. This makes them kind of difficult to apply, especially if you have thin lips like me. They also don't screw all the way down, which is a pain in the butt as you have to be careful when you put the caps back on to avoid nicking the tip or getting the cap all messy with lipstick, like mine is.

(L-R) Cherry Picking, 24 Carrot Gold

They're insanely pigmented, and very matte, and they do drag when you apply them because of this. I recommend putting on a light layer of lip balm before application, and exfoliate too! And you can't go wrong with lip liner.

Cherry Picking is just a hair darker than my Kat Von D lipstick in Bachelorette. It's an intense reddish hot pink. It's not the colour of cherries or cherry juice- I'd describe it as more of a raspberry. I need a lip liner for my top lip as this one tends to feather upon application, because of how thin my lips are.

24 Carrot Gold is a vibrant orange, lighter on the lips than in the tube or on the arm. It's truly the colour of a carrot! This one takes several passes on the lips to get even colour distribution, but it's worth it. It's a bit creamier than Cherry Picking.

Both of these suckers set in seconds and after that, won't budge for hours. I wear them mostly for photos like school pictures and the like, because I know I won't have some of it smudged off! They can be slightly drying to wear on the lips all day, but not more than any other matte. My biggest problem with these is the packaging. 

I give the formula itself an A, especially given the price! In the States, these are often on sale for a dollar at Walgreens, so pick a few shades up if you get the chance! The line has many MAC dupes, or so I've heard. I wouldn't wear these everyday because they would dry my lips out, but they're a treat and awesome to have lying around for my more exciting days!


  1. wow cherry picking is stunning! these are super pigmented, i have a pink shade that i'm not sure i'll ever wear, it's just SO bright!

    1. Ooh, is it Dollhouse? I've wanted that one forever but I don't think I'd wear it! But yeah, these are awesome! I've been looking at Sugar Plum Fairy like forever!

  2. Holy crap. I love Carrot Gold! Hell, I even love the name!

    1. I know, right? I never would have taken the jump in buying it for myself, so I'm glad my friend was thoughtful enough to get it for me! I can definitely see you wearing it!


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