26 Feb 2015

Review: Flower Cosmetics Sheer Up Lip Tint in Dewy Rose

My friend was generous enough to get me this for Christmas, and I'm just reviewing it now! Here is Flower Cosmetics' Sheer Up Lip Tint in Dewy Rose.

It's a chubby lip pencil that's nearly identical in size and shape to the Revlon Balm sticks, but the packaging is a bit less substantial. The logo is cute, though, printed in gold and evoking all sorts of 1920's flair.

Though the product is called Sheer Up, there's nothing sheer about it. Dewy Rose is a bold candy red. It's slightly waxy, hard and draggy in consistency but not in a bad way- in a way that makes it last a lot longer than your average chubby lip pencil.

It's got a bit of a shiny finish and the pigmentation of a lipstick. It's fun and cute. I don't know if I'd pay full price for it (more expensive than Revlon's) but if you see this on sale then go ahead and pick one up! It's easy to apply and lasts for hours!

Nice job, Drew Barrymore! You've gotten me interested in trying more of your cosmetics after the general success of this and your highlighter chubby. I hope whatever I pick up next is just as good as this Sheer Up Lip Tint!

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