5 Feb 2015

Review: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush in Flamingo Pink

Don't you love bonuses? I do. My sister placed a Sephora order and they ended up sending her double samples by accident, so she gave me the extras. One of them was this MUFE HD blush in Flamingo Pink.
 I have the sample taped up so it doesn't dry out.

I thought it would only last me three uses tops, but I've used it three times and it still looks new. This is going to take a while to work through, especially since I'm also trying to pan another blush.

The consistency is lovely. It's smooth and blends like a charm, creating a natural looking flush, even over or under powder. Colour me impressed! Flamingo Pink is more of a coral on me and it's unlike any colour I own (I'm not much of a coral person). It's a very flattering shade and finish.
My skin is really bad right now, but this is nothing but the blush on my face.

I don't think I would ever purchase a full size, simply because it would go bad before I had the chance to get enough use out of it, I suspect. However, if you're a working person who wants one shade of everyday blush, then this is undoubtedly the perfect one for you.

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