1 Feb 2015

Project Finish It 2015: Things That Are Makeup

I'm a lady of many, many makeup items. So, in an effort to cut down on that amount (and to show myself how long it can take to use up a single item!) I've picked some out from my collection that I wish to use up.

Those items are... *drumroll*

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream 
Current Progress: 65% remaining

I've had this since November, and it was a real surprise when I hit pan on it a couple of days ago. The packaging is bulky, which makes it look like there's a lot more product than there actually is. This is a perfectly fine low-coverage mattifying powder, which is why I've been using it every day without fail. However, I've realized I like loose powders more than pressed for my face, so I'll be happy to use this up.

Ardell Brow Powder pan in shade Medium Dark
Current Progress- 70% remaining

This is another daily staple that I'm just growing a bit bored with. I'd rather use a cream or mousse product- I've got my eye on a few to get after I finish this. However, I've been working on this diligently since what seems like the dawn of time, so we'll see if I finish it before the year is out...

The Body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum
Current Progress- 75% remaining

I think this is the first blush I've ever owned, and it's still my favourite. It's seen better days, though, will be an easy wear, and I have like a billion blushes. I'll be wearing this once a week until I've gone through my blush collection.

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss (shade has rubbed off)
Current progress- 40% remaining

This one is such an easy wear- nice colour, but not so pigmented that it can't be worn on top on my favourite lipstick. It's not sticky at all. My problem is that it's not longwearing (which will make it easier to use up!) and I don't like the scent of Rimmel lip products. The scent on this one dissipates quickly, though, so it's not the end of the world. I've got my eye on some other lipglosses at Sephora, though, so I'll be happy to use this up and see it go.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet (travel size)
Current Progress: sharpened once, 96% remaining

Ahh, my first taste of Urban Decay eyeliners. I'm impressed. This is a travel size (or deluxe sample) that I received in a Sephora promo, I'm not a huge wearer of black eyeliner, but my sister is showing me how to use it, so we'll see how I can use this.

MAC lip liner pencil in Cranberry
Current Progress: 25% remaining

This is probably the single oldest cosmetic I own. It's a hand me down from my mom, and is so old it doesn't even have the original cap anymore (it cracked). I've actually got two of these so I picked the shorter of the two to use up. So looking forward to seeing this gone. I'll have to play Rise Like A Phoenix to signal my cosmetic rebirth.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush in some shade of coral 
Current Progress- 95% remaining

"Really? A foil/card sample?" Yes. I thought this was going to give me 3 uses, tops, but this crap is SO pigmented that it takes barely any to totally colour my cheeks. It's perfectly lovely, long-wearing, and it's a colour I don't currently own. However, I want to use it up before it goes bad on me.

Too Faced Jingle All the Way Travel Palette- Highlight Shades
Current progress: 80% remaining on left shade, 88% on right shade

Eventually I want to pan this whole palette, but for now I'm focusing on the highlight shades because they're something I'll use daily. They're perfectly nice, and functional, but I've got nicer dupes in a Smashbox palette. These will be rewarding to use up.

I'll be updating my progress on these each month! Later, lovelies!

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