30 Nov 2015

November Favourites 2015!

Well, November is over, and so finals begin. I jumped right back into makeup as a coping mechanism while writing my term papers- so here are my favourites for this month!

Only a few things this month, and the majority of them eye stuff! I finally learned how to do eye shadow properly this month and got really excited- thank you, YouTube tutorials. I finally learned what transition shades and blending were....

Let's get to it!

I fell back in love with my Electric Palette by Urban Decay- particularly the shades Urban (blue-purple) and Fringe (the teal, which I'd never particularly liked before). I discovered the magic of layering these shadows over a black base. It's incredible!

Here are some looks I've done with the palette!

Said black base is the NYX Jumbo Shadow pencil in Black Bean. This base is the bomb. Fully opaque, matte black, a little sticky, smudgable, and makes shadows pop! NYX's Jumbo eye pencil in Milk (white) is already my Holy Grail go-to for a white base under colourful shadows, and Black Bean is just as good for making shimmery shadows intense as hell!

One such shadow is the MakeUp Geek foiled eyeshadow in the shade Center Stage, a beautiful foiled sapphire. I bought this shade and never really used it until this month- now it's one of my favourite eyeshadows! It looks amazing over NYX's Black Bean, and is an amazing, unexpected pop of colour for smokey eye looks.

Remember how I was saying that I learned what a transtition shade was? Well, this is pretty much the one I used all month. MakeUp Geek's Peach Smoothie is insanely pigmented and smooth, and makes my shadows blend out beautifully.

Lastly, I have the Wet N Wild Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee. The lighting in this picture is making the colours go off- the highlight side is a lot more pink than yellow in person, and the contour a lot cooler-toned. I've been using this a lot, just the contour side, but I'm not totally sold- it's good for a very subtle contour, easy to use and blend, but you almost have to scrape your brush against the powder to get any product.

Well, that's what I've been loving in the month of November! What were your favourite products this much?

31 Beauty Favourites of 2015

Hey guys! This month I'll (hopefully) be participating in a challenge started by mywarmfuzzies14 on instagram and sharing a favourite each day of December. These favourites will be my favourites for the entire year of 2015!

I may skip a few days, like the hair care ones, or any ones around exams. But for the most part I look forward to doing this challenge on the blog!

24 Nov 2015

Addicted to Blush Tag

I haven't been tagged by anyone to do this, but I saw Ling from the Cosmetic Critic blog do it and it's been a long time since I've done a post about my blush collection in general! It's definitely grown in recent months, and this tag asks some interesting questions. Let's get on with it!


What Colour of Blush Suits you the Most?

I wear any colour of blush that I feel like- if I had to pick one, though, I'd say red blush suits me the most. I asked my roommate, though, and she said anything orange.

Pressed/Cream/Loose Blush?

Some cream blushes

I don't fuck with loose blush. At all. Or loose cosmetics other than face powder. And I wear cream and gel and mousse- anything non-powder- blush exclusively in the spring and summer, and powder blush exclusively in the fall and winter.

Favourite Shimmery Blush?

I don't have that many- almost all of my blushes are matte- but I wear essence's silky touch blush in Autumn Peach enough to make up for my lack of shimmery blushes. It's a peach- a colour I don't normally wear- with a gorgeous golden sheen that I can't get enough of.

Favourite Matte Blush?

Illamasqua's Excite. It's a bold light orangey red, it's soooo soft and smooth but pigmented as all hell. One light tap of a stippling brush and you're done.

Favourite Cream Blush?

Mmmm I'm cheating here and using a gel blush- the Josie Maran Watercolour Cheek Gelees. They're sheer, which I normally wouldn't like, but they're soooo blendable and gorgeous and natural and look literally like watercolour on the cheeks.

Favourite Drugstore Blush?

I don't wear it as often as I used to, but I used to love the HELL out of my Joe Fresh Colour Adjust Blush in Coral. It's so bright!

Favourite High End Blush?

Maybe my Clinique Cheek Pop in Pansy Pop, because it's unique in my collection. I love purple! The formula on this is nice, but the pigmentation is a little lacking for me- it's very buildable, though, so I guess it doesn't matter. Basically, I pick Pansy Pop because I don't wanna answer with Illamasqua's Excite for, like, every question...

Favourite Bright Blush?

Aaaaand that goes to Illamasqua Excite again. So! Bright!

Biggest Blush Disappointment?

Ugh, NARS Orgasm. I don't like it. There's glitter in it and I just do not like it at all- I'll take essence's Autumn Peach over it any day of the year.

Best Blush Packaging?

I love my Milani Rose Powder blushes. The gold-coloured plastic and the intricate powder petals really do it for me.

What's on Your Blush Wish List?

The Hourglass Ambient Blushes! I want them alll...

Number 1 Holy Grail Blush?

The first one I ever got. I finished my old one- and for someone with a collection like mine to actually repurchase a blush is a big deal. It's the Body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum.

Well, that's the tag! I don't know who's done this tag already- but I'd love to see Chelle from Makeup Your Mind and Julie from Swatch and Review do this!

18 Nov 2015

Review: LUSH Massage Bar in Each Peach (And Two's a Pear)

The CBB Brand of the Month for November is LUSH. While I've tried many of LUSH's bath bombs, I only have two multi-use items from LUSH. I have the limited-edition GAY IS OK soap bar, and I have this Massage Bar.

I also got the tin for it- it's pretty sturdy. 

My massage bar is in the scent Each Peach (And Two's a Pear). The LUSH Website describes the scent as "cheery citrus". I would say that's accurate- it smells, to me, just like the peach-flavoured Five Alive juice (which so happens to be my favourite juice).

The bar itself feels soft and a bit like a wax bath melt. It has pretty flowers on it, which makes me happy. It's supposed to melt with your body heat, but it doesn't melt right away in your hand. You rub it against your skin hard, and at first it tugs but soon it warms up and glides across the skin. It leaves your skin strongly fragrances, shiny and soft. I can't tell you what the long term moisturizing effects of this product are, because I only use it as a rare treat, but it's very relaxing and makes my skin feel soft, and smells awesome! I'd definitely purchase another massage bar from LUSH.

17 Nov 2015

Simple, Cozy #FOTD!

When I think of cozy colours, I tend to think of warm reds, peaches and browns. So I went through my collection and cobbled together some sort of non-complicated FOTD plan.

Here are the main players in this simple look!

First, the NARS eyeshadow duo in Madrague. The two shadows look similar in the pan- certainly too similar to be an effective duo. However, on the skin they're distinctly different. The left shade is a warm, yellow-toned beige and the right is a red-toned light brown.

For blush, essence Autumn Peach, a light but highly pigmented peachy blush with a beautiful golden sheen.

And on the lips, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Toast of New York. Everyone says that this is a brown, but to me it's a not-fully-opaque, slightly shiny burnt red-orange.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Madrague L, Madrague, R, Autumn Peach, Toast of New York.

Here's the look! It's very simple and soft. 

On my face I'm wearing all the aforementioned products, as well as my regular foundation (Wet N Wild Coverall Cream), concealer (Maybelline Fit Me), mascara (Rimmel POP Lash), brow product (Rimmel Brow This Way gel), highlighter (TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer), and a light light contour (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer.)

On my eyes, I applied the left shade from the Madrague duo to the lower half of my lid, and the right shade to the top half, blending it up into the crease. I skipped liner, as I thought it would be too harsh.

The overall look emits a coziness, I think. Simple warm tones- I'll have to use them more often!

14 Nov 2015

My Top 5 Beauty Wishlist: Highlighters

Highlighters are the talk of the makeup world in recent months, and I've got a lot on my list. I wanna up my highlight game. Here's the things I'm coveting!

1.  BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Glow Palette feat. Champagne Pop x Jaclyn Hill

I want this thing more than life. I have no reason not to want it. It's perfect. I believe I detailed this in an earlier wishlist post. This palette altogether is cheaper than a single Shimmering Skin Perfector, I really want to try Blushed Copper, everyone has been hyping the hell out of Champagne Pop, and the Pearl one would actually work on my pale skin. Hell yeah. Need.

2. MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh, Darling!

Ha, ha, you knew this was gonna be here. EVERYONE wants this. I just think it's very pretty- product-wise and packaging wise. I'd love to own it, but I'm not super crazy about finding a way to get my hands on it. I'd settle for a dupe!

3. Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Hippo


Um, it's got a purple duochrome/sheen to it, and it can go on my CHEEKS? Yeah, I need it. This would be so unique and gorgeous, I can't even comprehend. So getting this in my upcoming Colourpop order.

4. Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer

I've seen this swatched and it looks SO. INTENSE. Right up my alley, it's freakin' nuts, yo. God this is such a beautiful highlight. I need it.

5. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow

This looks like heaven. Heaven in a powder. I want it on my face, like, yesterday. It's a gorgeous pinky rose gold and this would look so good with some bronzer and a peach blush.

11 Nov 2015

Cozy Bath Comforts- No Tub Necessary!

Keeping on the theme of cozy comforts, someone suggested I do a bath/relaxation post. Unfortunately, since I moved into my dorm, I can't do what I used to to relax and be cozy. When I lived at home, I would light a candle and treat myself to a nice long soak. Candles are not allowed in my residence and I have a stand-up shower. Not to worry though- I've found alternative ways to get my cozy on!

Here are the top products I use to pamper.

My Bath & Body Works shower gel in Mahogany Teakwood. I break this out when I want to feel warm and woodsy. It's an alternative to my usual fruity shower soaps. It smells like a cologne, and it imparts a very warm, relaxed feeling as I lather it over my skin.

If I'm not feeling the strong heady scents so much, I use my Little Luxuries Soapworks whipped soap in Vanilla. It's creamy, light and the vanilla scent makes me feel very soft and cozy.

If I'm really treating myself in the shower, I'll bring a couple of these in- my Little Luxuries Soapworks Sugar Cube Scrub in Apricots and Honey. Not the coziest scent- it's more fruity- but the honey makes it very nice and comforting. It really is a treat to use these to buff my dead skin away and this leaves me feeling refreshed.

There you have it- proof that you don't need a tub to treat yourself at bathtime!

10 Nov 2015

A Cozy Comfort (And Review): Basin White Body Butter in Oatmeal Honey

Today I'm sharing with you a luxe favourite of mine- Basin White brand Body Butter in Oatmeal Honey.

It's definitely a cozy comfort of mine. Whenever I'm feeling down, I rub myself up with this and it makes me feel that much better.

The scent is incredible- sweet, but not cloying. It smells like a honey buttercream with a bit of caramelized sweetness. Definitely good enough to eat!

The scent lasts for a long time, too- up to 6 hours on me if I'm not moving around that much. I always get compliments on how I smell when I'm wearing this.

It's truly a body butter- emphasis on the butter. It's very thick and you have to warm it up with your finger to get it on your skin. 

It's truly a rich, indulgent product.

It sinks into my skin pretty well after a few moments- no complaints about being greasy here. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

This product truly is a cozy comfort and I would recommend you seek it out if you've got the cash and you want a rich butter moisturizer!

9 Nov 2015

Top 5 Beauty Brand Wishlist: Marc Jacobs Beauty

I sure hope you guys like reading these wishlists, because oh boy, do I sure love writing them! Here's some stuff I want from a higher-end brand: Marc Jacobs Beauty. The only thing I have from their line so far is the eyeliner in Blacquer, and it's phenomenal, so this is a brand that really intrigues me.

1. Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Plum(Age), $31

The Highliner in Blacquer changed my life, and I'm absolutely dying to try the rest of the extensive colour collection offered by MJB. It's so hard to find a good purple liner nowadays, and this one looks absolutely breathtaking. I really want it.

2. Shameless Bold Blush in Outspoken, $36

More purple! This blush claims to be both shameless and bold, and that's what I look for in a blush most of the time. I haven't heard much hype about these so I'm not sure how good they are... but that lilac though. Purple is my favourite colour for any type of makeup!

3. #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder In Dream Filter, $59

I'm on a huge cheek kick lately. I used to be afraid of bronzer and contouring, but now I just wanna smack everything I see on my cheeks. The highlighter in this duo looks a little dark for me, but the contour shade looks gorgeous- deep enough, not too cool, but not orange or reddish either. I just wanna hold this in my hands...

4. Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Rei of Light, $36

For some reason, whenever I see someone wearing a lipstick that makes me go "Whoa! I need that colour!" it ends up being this. It's a gorgeous rust red and while I haven't heard absolute raves about this formula, this colour is. the. bomb.

5. Genius Gel Supercharged Oil-Free Foundation in Ivory Light, $58

I've always found the concept of gel foundations very interesting and am curious if a gel foundation would be a good match for my dry skin (mousse foundations are a definite no-no.) This would be really cool to try! I've definitely been wearing more foundation lately so I would get use out of this. I'll have to look up some reviews.

Well, that's it today for my coveting. Do you have any of these products? How are they?

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