14 Feb 2015

Review: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Ah, Stila Stay All Day. The holy grail of liquid eyeliner for many, but... so overpriced.

As I do with all of my stila products... I picked these up at Marshalls. I'd been lusting after these particular shades for a long time, but the division of price per ounce of product made me wince.

I picked up Turquoise and Periwinkle.

(Periwinkle on the left, Tueq

They have a soft brush-tip that's a little bit springy.

These are amazing eyeliners. They're completely opaque, matte, dry in a millisecond, are true to colour and last all day.

Like, seriously, look at that.
Turquoise, on the top, isn't really turquoise in the sense of the word. It's a mint green, and a lovely one at that.
Periwinkle is a vivid sky blue.

They look as amazing on the eyes as they do in swatches. Periwinkle, in particular, looks perfect paired with a red lip and a bare face.



Turquoise is a little weaker in pigmentation than Periwinkle, but that's most likely due to the nature of the colour itself. Still, it's a fun and unexpected pop of colour that I like to pair with a coloured mascara.

I love these eyeliners (even bought my sister a black one) and they converted me to liquid liner pens because of how quickly they dry! They're my go-to for coloured liquid eyeliner and I would love it if stila would extend the range of colours they offer in this product.

If you're a little bit of a cheapskate like me, though, I would recommend finding a different liner if you just want black or brown. For colourful liquid liner pens, though, stila has this market both cornered and perfected (until colourpop inevitably comes to take a swing at them, anyhow!)

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