17 Feb 2019

Makeup Inventory And Swatches: Blue Lipsticks!

I've been recently trying to keep track of my lipsticks in order to use what I have and avoid buying duplicates. So here's a swatch gallery of my blue lipsticks and glosses, as well as quick breakdowns on the formulas!

I have 11 blue lip products. Most are liquid lipsticks because I find that they stay better without smudging or fading, because nothing looks more horrid on me than faded blue lips. I don't want to look like a fresh corpse (but all the power to you if you do, you sexy zombie!)

We'll start with the glossy/sheer toppers.

From left to right, I have the essence Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine in 04 Dragonfly Shimmer, the Sephora x Pantone Universe Modern Watercolours lip gloss in Serenity, and the Wet N Wild Megalast Iridescent Lip Colour in Unicorn Soul.

Here they are swatched. 

The essence lip gloss is actually very sheer on the lips, and the formula reminds me of the old Maybelline Baby Lips Glosses- very juicy and kind of thin, with the teeniest bit of grit.

The Sephora Collection x Pantone Universe gloss is a creamy, milky translucent gloss on the lips.

The Wet N Wild Sheer lipstick adjusts to the pH of your lips, supposedly, and turns into a purple-pink with blue sparkle. It's a good dupe for the Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick.

I have four high-end (well, mid-range really) blue lipsticks. Three are liquid lipsticks that dry down and one is a pigmented lip lacquer. From left to right, I have the Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Satellite, The Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal in Iced Out, the Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Reverb, and then along the bottom I have the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 30.

And here are the swatches!

The Kat Von D Glimmer Veils are a thin but pigmented liquid lipstick with tons of glitter.They also stain, which can be a detractor for some, but I like it because it gives me some leeway if it fades in the center of my mouth and I don't have time to reapply right away. They do layer really well on themselves, unlike most liquid lipsticks. I actually love these products to the bottom of my soul, but it is worth noting that I no longer support Kat Von D because of her deplorable stance on vaccination.

The Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal is a product I used to wear all the time, but that I don't pull out often, if ever, nowadays. It's super-pigmented but rather thick, and it's a little too much maintenance for work and commuting; though it's perfect for pictures.

The Sephora Collection Cream lip stain is a product that I use on my brows more often than my lips! There's just something about the texture of these stains that makes them work perfectly as a brow pomade. They are gorgeous on the lips too though, just your standard comfortable, pigmented liquid lipstick.

Finally I have four drugstore liquid lipsticks in blue shades. From left to right, we have the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in 105 Explorer, the essence Vibrant Shock lip paint in 05 Nightstalker, the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Little Denim Dress, and the essence Vibrant Shock Lip Paint in 06 Black Widow.

My swatches got a little messy here due to staining, but here they are. 

The Maybelline Matte Ink has impressive staying power but feels a little "rubbery" and uncomfortable on my lips at times, and doesn't have the easiest application. I do adore the colour, though.

The essence lip paints require a few coats and don't have the best staying power, but they stain like a B and the finish when initially applied is gorgeous. 

The NYX Liquid Suede transfers quite a bit but otherwise the staying power is ok. Its pigment is impressive, though.

That's it for my blue lipsticks! Request some other colours in the comments!

My 5 Favourite Shower Products + 1 I'm Pining After!

Time for something a little different! A friend of mine requested that I do a post on some of my favourite products to use in the shower, so that's what you'll be reading about today!

Shower products are honestly my guilty pleasure. I own so many scrubs and soaps that it's probably sinful, so when something is in my top 5, you know I stand by it. 

Let's start with a body wash!

The Body Shop Aromatherapy line has always been a big favourite of mine, and my favourite scent that they make is the Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint. I snagged this Oil to Cream cleanser in a holiday sale and I've been loving it since. It looks like I've hardly used any, because you need so little product to clean your whole body (though it should be noted that I'm not somebody who runs through shower gel particularly often because I have so many on the go).

What I love about this product specifically is the scent- it is soothing and relaxing, helps relieve tension, and gives me peace, morning or night. It's also spectacular to use when you're feeling a little under the weather because it opens those sinuses right up! The formula of the cleanser itself is great, too- the oil aspect is very conditioning but doesn't feel slippery, and it lathers up just the right amount. This is one of the few body washes that I'll probably repurchase when I run out.

Next up is a body scrub that I tried on my friend Chelle's recommendation! Like I said, I've tried probably upwards of 25 different body scrubs at this point, and this is the best one I've ever tried. The texture of it is incredible- it feels like sugar cookie dough with chunks of sugar, if that makes any sense. It doesn't slip out of your fingers and isn't too rough on the skin but is still scrubby enough to get rid of the calluses on my feet! The honey and almond extracts in the scrub are super soft and conditioning on the skin, and the whole thing smells like sweet fluffy pancakes. What I also love about this scrub is that it doesn't contain microbeads, so it's environmentally friendly! I can't recommend this stuff enough. 

Third is a product that I love using in the summer especially, but it's nice all year round! I love the Coco Shea line from Bath & Body Works in all its iterations (Coconut, Cucumber, Lavender and Honey) but this coconut in-shower body lotion really takes the cake! 

You're probably thinking, what? An in-shower body lotion? Well, this is basically conditioner for your body. You slather on a layer, let it sit (it doesn't dissipate a ton with just running water so you can continue to wash your hair or whatever) and then rinse it off while rubbing it in just before you exit the shower. It leaves the skin SO FREAKING SOFT and the scent is strong enough to last a couple hours after you get out of the shower- which is good, because this one smells like yummy coconut cream. Love this stuff!

And lastly I have two hair products that I can't live without! The Devacurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Mask is super important because I don't use conditioner (I have very short hair and a sensitive-ass scalp). Instead, I use this mask whenever my hair is feeling dry or dull and it brings my hair back to life! It gives shine, moisture, softness, volume, and most importantly, it doesn't irritate my scalp at all. 

The Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is the single most important tool in my arsenal when it comes to fighting my scalp psoriasis. What I love about this scalp scrub that makes it better than others, is that you have to use so little of it to get a satisfactory result, which makes it worth the (frankly exorbitant) price. Seriously, a rice-sized piece is enough for me to shampoo the whole back of my head. This scrub also lathers up in a way that cleans the hair too, and rinses out nicely without chunks getting stuck in your hair or ears. 

Lastly, here's a product that I'm seriously lusting after.

Photo Credit: SpaceNK

Ever since the REN brand representative showed me their Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash, I've been aching (literally) to try it. I suffer from lots of body pain due to my chronic illness so something to use after my long shifts of being on my feet would be nice.

That's if for this post! What are some of your must-haves for the shower?

30 Jan 2019

Shopping My Stash: Living Coral!

The Pantone Institute has revealed their Colour of the Year for 2019 to be Living Coral! I've followed the Colour of The Year for a few years now, since Radiant Orchid, and I'm excited to once again see a colour that will incorporate well into makeup looks!

Pantone Institute

When I was younger, we're talking like age nine to twelve, I remember hating coral with a passion. I thought it contrasted with my colouring in a super unflattering way, making me look even more pasty and straw-like than I already did. I also just hated anything pink, but that's a whole dysphoria thing that we can get into later. 

However, then I got into makeup, and figured out that coral lipstick lit up my whole face. I started seeking it out and was frustrated that I couldn't find a lot of coral shadow, liner, blush or the like, just the occasional muted coral lipstick. So I kind of forgot about the colour until now, and the Pantone Institute has reunited my love for it!

I decided I would shop my stash to see what I already had in the way of Living Coral, and then if I get enough use out of these I can go shopping to fill a 'gap' in my collection if I feel there is one. Rent permitting, of course.

So what did I find?

I totally forgot about my single shadows in this one, but I did grab the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette, which has those two gorgeous peachy-coral shades- Just Peachy (center-left) and Peach Punch (center-right). The two blend together for a pretty effortless on-trend eye look, which looks stunning heaps of mascara and fresh, dewy skin.

I only found one coral blush, interestingly! I definitely thought I had more than that, but nonetheless, the essence mosaic blush in "all you need is pink" is an orangey, pastel coral with a barely-there sheen. It's a little light, very gently pigmented in comparison to essence's other varied blush formulas, and a little chalky at times too, but it wears for hours and hours.

Here's them swatched- the two shadows on the left. Peach Punch is on the top and Just Peachy below it. The blush is swatched and blended out to their right.

The grand majority of what I found in the way of Living Coral products, though, were for lips.

Here's a couple of the brighter corals! I've got NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte lip pencil in Baby K (from their Influencer Box Set), Physician's Formula Butter Lipstick in Flamingo Pink, Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Tryst, and the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Life's a Beach.

Here they are swatched, slightly out of order. From left to right- NUDESTIX Baby K, Urban Decay Tryst, Physician's Formula Flamingo Pink, and NYX Life's a Beach.

I like how I have a range of depths, tones, and finishes here. Baby K is a softer, more tangerine-coral that I also like to wear on the cheeks as a cream blush. Tryst is my go-to coral, fully pigmented in a long-lasting cream finish. Flamingo Pink is the perfect sheer wash of glossy colour, and I love wearing it as a topper for other lipsticks or liners (such as nudes) to give them a kiss of trendy coral colour. Then, if I want to turn up the saturation and go neon, I have Life's A Beach and I know that the liquid lipstick formula won't smear bright colour all over my face.

Last up are some more muted picks- the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Sweet Cream, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Sunset Strip. Sweet Cream is probably my most worn lipstick of all time, and Sunset Strip is nice, pinky-coral and sheer with glitter shot throughout.

On the far left, I have the two products layered, and then Sunset Strip and Sweet Cream are swatched separately beside it.

I also tried to create a Living Coral makeup look for this post!

It came out a little wonky, but that's okay. I'm wearing Just Peachy and Peach Punch from the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette in my crease and on the lower lashline, and then I tried to do a coral winged liner. I didn't include the liner in my collection because it's actually a mix of three of the SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners- Acid Trip (an orange), Scrunchie (a flaming pink) and Space Panda (a white). It turned out a lot more orange than I meant for it to.

Then I'm wearing Baby K from NUDESTIX on my cheeks with the essence blush in all you need is pink layered on top. On the lips are Urban Decay Tryst mixed with Bite Beauty Sweet Cream, with a bit of Physician's Formula Flamingo Pink layered in the center of the lips for shine.

That's it for my post today! Are you excited about the colour of the year? Tell me in the comments!

19 Dec 2018

Recent Makeup Favourites!

In these past few months I've discovered a ton of new favourite makeup products! Some are old or rediscovered favourites, some are new purchases that fit in with my routine like a dirty shirt. I've got a good variety of base and eye products, so without further ado, let's see them! 

First is the NYX Swear By It palette. This was an impulse buy with my Shoppers Drugmart points, and I kind of had it in the back of my mind that it might just sit and rot in the back of my palette drawer. But I've actually had to force myself to use things other than this palette lately, because it's just that good.

As someone who wears a lot of saturated brights, this palette is failsafe. It's basically just a bunch of muted bright tones that work perfectly as either companion shades to my normal neons, or to create a more toned-down colourful look, perfect for the colder months. The mustard and mauve shades in particular have been favourites of mine.

Wearing the NYX Swear By It palette

The formula on the shades in this palette is stellar. I love how soft yet buildable the mattes are, and they blend like a dream. The mattes far outnumber the shimmers in the palette, and the shimmers themselves aren't as foiled as some other formulas that are popular on the market right now, but that makes them just right for deepening the crease, outer corner, or lower lashline without transferring or making the skin look crepey.

Wearing the NYX Swear By It palette

Here's a matte halo eye I did, using the warm tones in the palette.

Though my love for the NYX Swear By It palette is strong, there has been one other palette as of late that has been rivaling my devotion to it. Interestingly, it's a much smaller one, but I find I can get even more looks out of it. 

It's the Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet palette! In lieu of a dedicated review, I'm just going to wax poetic about this palette here. First, the packaging- cardboard and compact, the colours on the outside of the palette are super fun and whimsical, just like the palette itself. The mirror on the inside is actually of great quality, and I've used it before to do my eyeshadow in a pinch.

None of the shadows in the palettes have names, which would normally sadden me. But since it's Violet Voss I'm not too bummed, the shades would be named something like #TGIF or Wig anyway.

I love the colour story of the palette. It's pretty much a true rainbow palette, with 6 mattes and 4 shimmers. They made sure they could nail the colours they wanted in both matte and shimmer formulas, and there's no true dud in the palette. There are endless creative combinations for such a small palette, and the fact that they made the requisite black and white shades as shimmers instead of mattes is such a cool and useful twist that I truly appreciate.

The mattes all work amazingly together and are a spectacular formula- buildable, blendable, and containing the perfect amount of pigment. You can easily combine the matte colours to make new shades, as well. I've actually, somehow, managed to make a lovely neutral look by mixing the orange, red, pink, and cream shades. The cream-beige shade works well to set eyeshadow primer, but doesn't lend itself to being a transition shade on my skintone as it's a little too sheer. The fact that it's so sheer, though, makes it the perfect shade to use for lightening and softening any other colours, as well as correcting any blending that's gone out further than you'd like.

Wearing the Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet palette

The formula is perfect for me, because even though I've been wearing rainbow shadow for ages, I appreciate the user-friendliness. I can see it not being super popular among the cut-crease insta crowd, because these shades really lend themselves well to being softly blended and built up, rather than packed like fuck onto a wet concealer and then being mashed out with a brush. Different strokes for different folks.

I think that the shimmers they chose to put in this palette are pretty stellar- over a glitter glue. They get a li'l dusty without a sticky primer to adhere to, and I would imagine that they go a little muddy over concealer. But over a glitter glue (I use the NYX glitter primer), they are BREATHTAKING. Multidimensional, foiled, rich as all hell. Onto the shades- there's a rich lime green with a lemony shift, a frosty white with a definite mint shift, a royal ocean blue, and a foiled, wet-looking gunmetal. The black-gunmetal was a surprising hit for me, because it's foiled enough that it doesn't perform like every other glitterbomb black in every other rainbow palette.

Wearing the Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet palette

These only fade on me after 14 hours of wear, using the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish eyeshadow primer and the NYX Glitter primer.

Overall, this palette knocked my socks off. So teeny, but with so many shades that pack a punch, endless colour combos, and a formula that leaves the fuss behind.

Okay, okay, enough about the palette. Let's move on to some more base-type products that I've been adoring. 

We'll leave the Maybelline Dream Cushion for now, because it goes along with some other products I'll be mentioning later. 

The IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pomade has revolutionized my brow routine. I've been using a technique I saw in one of Mariah Leonard's videos where I "back-comb" my brows with gel, wait for it to dry, and then go in with my ABH Dipbrow. It's led to me using less of my brow pomade overall, which is a lot better for my skin, and it's also cut down on the time it takes me to do my brows, being that I shape them out and have that down before the coloured gunk even needs to go in.

Wearing the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pomade

The Jouer Blush Bouquet duo in Flirt is just lovely, a great blush that has a soft, satiny, blendable formula. I love dusting a little of this across the bridge and tip of my nose as well as my cheeks for a youthful, cutesy flush.

Wearing the Jouer Blush Bouquet in Flirt

Now to the Maybelline Dream Cushion foundation- I've been using this for a new technique that I first saw on Samantha Ravndahl's channel. It's "reverse foundation", where you apply concealer, and then cream bronzer, blush and highlight, and then apply a light-coverage foundation on top. I chose to start doing the technique with my cushion foundation because of how thin the formula is compared to my other light-coverage foundations, which are rather creamy and emollient. It's served me super well and takes, honestly, less than 30 seconds to put on and blend out. I absolutely adore it.

I've equally been loving the cream products I've been using underneath... 

The Maybelline Master Strobing liquid is a liquid highlighter that I've always loved on top of foundation and even on bare skin, but it's even more beautiful underneath a sheer-coverage foundation. The sheen it gives to the skin is absolutely gorgeous and lasts all day. 

The Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Cheek & Lip stick is a gorgeous rosy shade with a sheer, balmy formula that blends out effortlessly with fingers or a sponge.

I've been switching up the liquid and cream bronzers I use in the reverse-foundation technique, but these two products are my failsafe blush and highlight combo.

Here I am wearing the technique- it looks like the blush, highlight and contour are beaming from within, and as it wears throughout the day, the base only looks more natural and beautiful as the products beneath the foundation begin to shine through even more.

That's enough of me! I hope you enjoyed reading about some new products and techniques I've been loving and that you have a great day!

13 Dec 2018

Thank U, Next: Project Pan 2018 Finale!

Welcome back! I've been away for quite some time, and I'm sure no one wants to hear why. But what's important is that I started a project that I actually didn't abandon- so, here is the finale of my Project Pan for 2018! 

I had started a Project Pan to get through a backlog of deluxe-sized skincare and show some more love to the drugstore makeup products in my collection. I succeeded in most of my goals for the project, finishing all of the skincare products and hitting pan or getting decent use out of a lot of the makeup items!

I finished all of these!

I had also added a few extra products to the project throughout the year. As I finished something up, I'd throw something else in and focus on it.

Okay, so the original project had a total count of 17 products. Of those, my goal was to finish at least 10. I added 2 more products throughout the year for a total of 19. So how did I do?

I finished 11 products and hit pan on 3! I'm super satisfied with my progress and I had a lot of fun doing the project.

Now to show you my progress from where we left off on Quarter 2!

I finished both The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum and the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Moisturizer (which I threw out the empty jar for, whoops). I wouldn't repurchase either, because I found the serum didn't do anything for my skin's brightness, and the moisturizer, while really nice, took forever to get through and I tend to have a few creams on the go at any given time.

I also finished (and then accidentally chucked) the Farmacy Green Clean balm. I really do like this, and I actually received another one in gratis. I'd not purchase it myself because I prefer a thicker balm but I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a phenomenal lightweight cleansing oil/balm, especially for travelling.

I finished The Body Shop Aloe toner and I honestly miss it so much! I'd consider repurchasing it, especially now that I've run out of all my toners.

Sorry for that extra shot of the serum, ha.

Now for the juicy stuff- the makeup!!!


I wanted to finish the Tom Ford lipstick, use the Hard Candy liquid bronzer more, get through a decent chunk of the L'Oreal Souffle Blush, and hit pan on the Wet N Wild Shadow single. How did I do?

Starting with the blush, I feel like the summer of 2018 was a big time for cream products (and that market is only getting more and more popular!) I used this product a ton over the year, and it's still one of the most beautiful cream blushes that I've found, even though I now have others in my collection. So while my intention was to chuck this out at the end of the year, I'm gonna be a brat and hang onto it, because I've learned to really love it, and now I'm attached to it.

The Hard Candy liquid bronzer is fucking ENDLESS, man. I must have used the thing about 25 times over the year, which isn't a ton, but more than I would have if I hadn't been focusing on using it at all. I might roll this one into my project for next year, seeing as I've been trying out a reverse foundation routine and this looks amazing as a part of that base.

An unfortunate accident befell the Tom Ford lipstick, as you can see. I was about three-quarters of the way to finishing it up when, a month ago, my friend sat on it and melted the damn thing. Just when I was starting to like it! Oh well. Fate, I suppose.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist and Fix was eh and it took me longer than I thought I would to finish it up, but goddamnit, I did it.

I hit a really good amount of pan on the Wet N Wild Shadow Single in Brulee, I'm super proud of my progress on that one!

I also finally finished the goddamn MUFE Aqua XL paint. I love these but I just... I dunno. It got boring real quick.

The Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Powder was the real star of this project, I think. I started out not even really liking it, and by the end of the project, I've hit pan and it's Holy Grail status. It made it into my summer favourites post. A huge win.



And the magnum opus- the cheek products, here they are. 

The essence blush in autumn peach served me very well over the past year, and years before as well. However, the formula has now started to not perform as well as it once did, so I'm only going to hold onto it until I find a dupe, and then I will give it an honourable funeral.

The Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer, I'm astonished by my progress on this one! Super proud. And even more astonished by the fact that... I actually bought a backup about a week ago. I have truly never found a bronzer that I love more than this one.

The one other product that I forgot to take a picture of, the MUFE Smoothing Primer- I don't know where the hell it went. Again, that's probably a sign.

Thank you so much for hanging in with me! I look forward to having another Project Pan next year- what kind of things would you like to see included?

1 Aug 2018

Project Pan 2018 - Second Quarterly Update!

Now that August is nearly upon us, it's time for me to track my progress on my Project Pan 2018 items! The past few months have been interesting in terms of their use- there are some I've made a surprising amount of progress on, and some that I'm surprised aren't finished yet. Plus some that I may have forgotten to photograph. Nonetheless, here they are!

Let's start off with skincare.

I finished the two deluxe-sized moisturizers in this project! However, I moved out of my parents' house in May and somehow lost these empties in the move, which has me crushed. But I did finish them!

The Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer is something that was perfectly nice, but never wowed me enough to consider purchasing. It's not even something I would recommend to anyone in particular. Like.... it's just the most lightly hydrating, slightly refreshing moisturizer, and I feel like I could have been impressed with it in my teens, but skincare has come so far in the past few years and I've tried out so much that this kind of light gel formula with no added benefits doesn't wow me anymore.

The GLAMGLOW Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer, however, is something I end up recommending to a lot of people! I don't know if I'd buy it for myself anymore, but I know at one point, I really wanted to. It's a really nice smoothing moisturizer that performs extremely well under makeup and didn't break me out despite the heavy sweet fragrance. That being said, I still have a ton of day creams to get through, and what I'm really on the hunt for is a good night cream. I still do think that this is an amazing product for someone who wants to get into skincare but is still largely makeup-oriented.

Now onto the things pictured!

I'm very proud of the progress I'm making on the Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet! We're nearly at the bottom and I'd say I have about a month of use left (and that's sporadic use). I still love the product, but it's yet another moisturizer that I only like to use in the daytime and I have a stockpile of those!

I thought I was just about done The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum because it's been difficult to get any product to flow into the dropper- but I tipped the bottle over this morning and accidentally poured out way too much into my hand, so there's still some product yet! Nonetheless I'm really close to finishing this and excited at the prospect!

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner has maybe three uses left in it! I really did enjoy using this product and if all my other toners ran out, I would reconsider purchasing it. I will be checking out the rest of the Aloe line from The Body Shop, though, because of how much I loved this product and am currently loving the Aloe Protecting Day Cream.

I'm scraping the bottom edges of my deluxe sample of the Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm! I tend to only use this on days where I've done heavy liner, glitter, or face paint. In that sense, I'm trying to pan it while still saving it because I don't yet have another cleansing balm to replace it with. When I've finished it, though, I may reward myself by purchasing the Sephora Collection Oil Balm Makeup Remover, because I tried a sample of it and really enjoyed it. We shall see

I forgot to take a picture of the MILK Makeup Dry Shampoo, but that's honestly for the best because I'm just going to go ahead and take it out of the project. I haven't used it once since the last update, but I have decluttered other dry shampoos because I don't use them, so I'm going to keep this one hanging around in the bathroom in case my shower breaks and I really need it or something.

Now, onto the makeup! I hit pan on the Wet N Wild ColorIcon Shadow single in Brulee! It's a baby pan, but it's still there! My only goal for this product was to hit pan, so the rest of the progress I make on the shadow this year will just be a bonus!

I think the product I'm most excited for on my progress this quarter is my Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder. At the beginning of this project, I didn't really like this product- but in forcing myself to use it, I've actually come to love it and will probably repurchase it (albeit in a different shade!) This powder even made an appearance in my most recent favourites post, and I can tell that I'm so close to hitting pan!

The pan has definitely grown on my cheek products! I'm still loving the essence silky touch blush in Autumn Peach, but I've enjoyed using a stipple brush with it lately because the powder is getting a bit dustier. I'm so glad I'm managing to get a ton of use out of it before it actually kicks the bucket in terms of quality.

There doesn't appear to be much progress on the L'Oreal MagicSmooth Souffle Blush in Cherubic, but I swear I've actually been using it quite a bit lately! It's just so dang pigmented that I can't pack it on thick, which is honestly nice. I'm loving more and more how this looks on the skin especially with the hotter weather. It's not a dewy cream blush, but it somehow adds a lot of life to the cheeks without being shiny or shimmery. I'm nowhere close to getting tired of it!

Another product I still adore is my Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer! I'm making great progress on it and I believe that I'll have it done by the end of the year!

Lastly, for the makeup products I've been struggling on. Even though I've been keeping these on my desk, I have no real desire to use them... The three Make Up For Ever items are almost empty, so I don't want to take them out of the project. I'm going to try to finish them up and if they're not gone by the end of October then I'll replace them with other things.

The Tom Ford lipstick is just such a nude colour that I've been having a hard time wearing it (which sounds ridiculous, I know). I think I'm going to try pairing it with liners and glosses rather than wearing it on its own, and hopefully that will make me feel less bored with it.

Well, that's it for this update! If there's any type of item you'd like to see me pan next, just let me know in the comments!

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