Quick Review: Kosas Wet Lip Oils in Jaws and Jellyfish

Today I’ve decided to post a review on a recent favourite product of mine! I feel it deserves more exposure, but I also want to inform people of all the aspects of the product so they can make an informed decision on whether to purchase them! These are the Wet Lip Oils from the brand Kosas. I love these glosses! I initially purchased the shade Jellyfish and recently picked up the shade Jaws as well. They are comfortable, true to the name (very wet and juicy-looking on the lips) and have awesome ingredients, like buzzworthy hyaluronic acid, peptides and evening primrose oil.  The formula is thin but moisturizing- these don’t feel oily on the lips, they feel like something between a conditioning lip mask and a balm. The product smells lightly of candied oranges, which I adore and find quite unique. It definitely enhances the experience of this product for me. I love the packaging too- the thin doe-foot makes it easy to reapply and they’re fun pieces to to

Project Pan 2020: Update 1!

Hey, it's time for a short update on my Mini Madness Project Pan! For products that have visible progress, I'll be posting photos, and for products that I've maybe only used a few times, I'll just be discussing them. Let's start off with the primers! I got quite a bit of use out of the Tatcha Silk Canvas, but I mainly use it around my nose and cheeks to blur my pores, and over my blemishes. The Fenty Soft Matte primer, however, I've really been digging into. I've used it up to the point where the pump doesn't dispense any product anymore so I've been scraping the sides of the bottle with a little doe-foot applicator. I'm determined to completely use this thing up. Then, for the skincare... I've neeeearly finished up the OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright eye cream- less than a week left in that jar, so I'm going to be using it all up and then moving in another mini sized skincare product! I'm going to be

Review: BITE Beauty Changemaker Foundation System (Primer, Foundation and Powder)

In early January, BITE Beauty shook their customer base to its core- by replacing most of its core lineup with, of all things, complexion products. The launch was executed complete with teasers from the brand and a (probably officially-permitted) ‘leak’ post from Trendmood1. A handful of influencers who had worked with BITE in the past had the chance to try out the foundation itself, anywhere from a month to a year in advance. Several more influencers received the product collection upon launch.  [photo via Influenster] The foundation built more hype than I initially anticipated, at least in the circles I run in, in part due to (later confirmed) speculation that the BITE Changemaker foundation could be the ‘secret’ foundation that influencer Samantha Ravndahl had been mentioning in recent videos. Among “regular” consumers, however, the general consensus seemed to be that of bewilderment and frustration that their favourite lip products were being disco