5 Feb 2015

Review: essence metal glam eyeshadows

(L-R Frosted Apple, Jewel Up the Ocean, Golden Up!)

As you'll know if you've been reading this blog, I love essence. I'm pretty sure I bought these eyeshadows for prom, but whatever, I found them recently and I'm going to review them for you.

These eyeshadows have something very unique about them...

Their texture. There's an overspray of glitter, but once you get past that what you feel is almost a mousse. It's slightly spongy and squishy, but not in a cream-to-powder way. The closest thing I can think of in terms of texture is Stila's Magnificent Metals line, sans the chunks of glitter.
These glide on for a foiled finish.

Golden Up! is a white-gold that has some flaking issues but is nonetheless beautiful.

Frosted Apple is an eye-catching frosty pink.

Jewel Up the Ocean is a simply breathtaking teal foil.

Note: do NOT try to apply these with a brush. You will fail. Use your fingers.

Here's a couple shots of them all slapped onto my eyelids at the same time.

Frosted Apple on lower half of the lid, Golden Up! on the upper half, and Jewel Up the Ocean as a liner.

Once again, essence impresses with their quality, given their price. I believe these retail for something pitiful like 3.99.
These are part of their permanent collection, so pick some up if you get the chance!

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