22 Feb 2015

Review: e.l.f Radiance Enhancer in Spotlight

A little over a year ago, I ordered about a hundred dollars' worth of e.l.f. from their website. I'm still finding new/old things from that order as I dig around the nooks and crannies of my tiny bathroom.
One thing I dug out recently was this Radiance Enhancer in the shade Spotlight.

It's a highlighter pen that dispenses from one of those infernal click-brushes. Oh, how I hate click-brushes. They get gunky and never dispense the right amount.

Anyway, you crank the bottom and then pink shimmery goo oozes out of the middle of the brush.

See? Light pink, shimmery liquid. It's kind of thick, I guess, thicker than your average liquid highlighter. It has actual visible chunks of shimmer in it, though they are dispensed evenly.
It's worth noting that I also own the shade called "Spotlight" in their shimmering facial whip, and that they're not the same. The facial whip Spotlight is a frosty white pearl colour.

Here's the Radiance Enhancer on my cheeks and browbone. It doesn't look bad- it actually sort of looks good, but if you get close, the liquid actually settles in and enhances my pores. I have very large pores, so that's obviously not too flattering. This only cost me something like a buck fifty on sale, so it's just going to go in the trash.

I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone. If all you want in the world is a pink shimmery highlighter, get e.l.f.'s essential shimmering facial whip. It's better quality and only a dollar regular price!

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