14 Nov 2014

review- too faced glamour gloss in sexpot

Today I have for you the Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sexpot, a medium pink with some warm lavender undertones (Too Faced's website describes it as a “sheer lilac”). I picked this up at Marshalls for a very comfortable ten dollars- I wouldn't have paid full price for this. Not saying it's worth closer to ten dollars than 21, there are just other things I'd rather buy with 21 dollars. This was purely an impulse buy, and all of my impulse buys range from 5-10 dollars.

It was the first Too Faced product I've seen at Marshalls, which excited me considerably- the closest place that even sells Too Faced is the Sephora four hours away! It was totally unexpected.

Pigmentation isn't totally satisfactory, but that's probably just because I've been buying insanely pigmented lip lacquers lately and have thus gotten unfamiliar with the colour of my natural lips. This gloss adds a sheer bubblegum tint and a hell of a lot of thick shine without being sticky.
Here, have some swatches.

sorry, took this right now because I realized I didn't have a lip swatch!

I failed to notice upon purchase that this gloss contains Too Faced's “lip injection” formula- I was too distracted because ooh, purpley. It's not a tragedy, but I would have preferred a regular gloss. About ten seconds after application, you can feel the plumping ingredients work. I would liken the initial sensation to the feeling you get when you apply peppermint lip balm- except this feeling doesn't go away. It's also about ten times stronger. I wore this gloss for an hour and a half and the feeling was still there. It starts to fade about three hours into wear. The gloss itself has lasted through six hours and a lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. Pretty impressive stuff, but since this makes my lips feel so incredibly cold, this is going to be a gloss for summer pretty much exclusively. I didn't find it plumped my lips too significantly, anyway. I expected the plumping ingredient (pretty sure it's peppermint oil) to dry out my lips like the Burt's Bees lip shimmers, but I was pleasantly surprised to actually find it a little hydrating.

The packaging is perfectly lovely-looking. Metallic baby pink is pretty much my favourite colour, and the colours of cap and gloss are complimentary. The little baubley design is cute and while I like the adorable plastic jewel on the cap for my own purposes (those purposes mostly consisting of placing it in my hoard and staring at the shiny, like a dragon or perhaps a magpie) it's a little bit tacky for reapplying in public. But overall, I like the aesthetic, which is impressive because I tend to hate Too Faced's packaging. Seriously, animal print, get it away from me.

Overall, this is a really nice gloss and if you like the packaging, and like having your lips plumped, definitely go ahead and pick one up.

5 Apr 2014

e.l.f. conditioning lip balm swatches and review

I had almost forgotten that I put these items in my shopping cart for my birthday e.l.f. Haul! So it was a pleasant surprise to take them out of the box when I received it in the mail. That's the only good thing about 25-day processing and shipping times- when you finally do get your hauls, it's like Christmas because you've forgotten what you ordered!

In the few days I've been wearing them, I am SO satisfied with these balms. I am NOT a lip balm person- the only balm I've ever liked wearing is Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Raisin (a deep red). I was especially wary of the packaging- though very professional-looking and pretty, I HATE HATE HATE sticking my sore, cracked fingertips into pots of sticky gloss and attempting to smear it across my lips. Can you say ew?

However, I found that I DO like the packaging! The square twist cap is so easy to open and close, even if you're wearing gloves or have sticky/greasy fingers. There's also no guesswork as to whether the container is closed or not- no worries of drips in your bag!- and the plastic is thick enough that I wouldn't have a heart attack if I dropped it onto the floor like a would with a powder compact or a lipstick.
My ONLY gripe about the container is that it is bulky. It wouldn't fit in a small makeup bag or pocket. I tend to just toss it right into my backpack or purse, though (I carry a large hobo bag, a clutch wouldn't work to carry this item) because it is so sturdy.

Now onto the product- I really do enjoy this formula. A few things in particular that impress me about it:
-It doesn't melt/separate or freeze! No worries of opening it and finding a gross goopy mess all over the lid and rim of the jar.
-It smells soooo good. Like coconuts and baby powder. And there's a very subtle coconut taste that is just gorgeous.
-It's the perfect consistency for dipping a pinky into. I just place my fingertip on the surface and swirl it a few times until I'm satisfied with the amount of product I have. I don't have to rub.

I got the shades Peaceful Pink and Romantic Rouge, swatched here: 
Sorry for my hairy arm.

The pigmentation of these is surprisingly very strong for a “balm” or even a gloss! As a certified lipstick junkie, I approve of this level of colour payoff! Peaceful Pink is such a pretty pink- a cross between a rose petal and bubblegum. I was worried it would sheer out too much and appear uneven and junky, as the shade is lighter than my natural lip colour, but it turns out my fears were for naught! I bet it would look even better with a nude primer or lipstick underneath. 

Romantic Rouge is a nice blue-toned popsicle red, again very opaque. It's glossier than Peaceful Pink, and would look nice with any skin tone.
And... sorry for my nose.

The downside of the formula is that it can feel a bit greasy. I would suggest using a pencil lip liner or lip-lock stick to keep the product from feeling like it's all over your face.

I use so many hydrating/scrubbing products on my lips that I can't speak for the conditioning quality of this lip balm, but the pinky I used to apply the balm certainly felt softer than usual! :)

This would be good for: People just starting to test out strong lip colours, people whose inner child is strong and likes yummy-smelling cosmetics, people who like the look of a juicy lip!

Pass if: You have very thin lips (tendency to slip and migrate), you hate scented cosmetics and/or coconuts, you carry a clutch purse/no purse at all, you like matte lipcolor, you like the feel of “grown-up” cosmetics.
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