1 Feb 2015

Project Finish-It 2015: Things That Are Not Makeup

I'm also going to do Project Finish-it for things that are not makeup, ie, skincare. Here's my small list of items!

Bath & Body Works mini body lotion in French Lavender & Honey
Current Progress: 75% remaining

I got this as a christmas gift, and I have two matching shower gels. To me, it doesn't smell like lavender or honey, but it's an inoffensive scent. I plan to use it twice a day on both my feet and my swatching arm, which gets dry from makeup remover and rubbing. It'll be interesting to see how this one goes. I've told myself I can't use my Lemon Vanilla lotion until this is half-done, at least.

Estee Lauder Hydra Bright Skin-tone Perfecting Moisturizer
Current Progress: 40% remaining

I currently have two of these one the go and I really don't like them. They have such a strong fragrance and I don't want to upset my keratosis pilaris so I use this as an undereye night cream. We'll see if I can finish this one, and maybe trash the other one if I can't pawn it off on a family member.

Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream in Crisp Morning Air
Current Progress: Not sure, but I think 70% remaining

Another inoffensive scent that just isn't my favourite. It's a sweet, fresh fruity scent, mostly green apple- but like a real green apple, not a jolly rancher. That sucks for me, because I love jolly ranchers. I don't get dry hands at all, but I keep this around in my purse and use it for the hell of it. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter
Current progress: 85% remaining

Another christmas gift, I've wanted one of these forever- they're so little and cute! I like the scent of this, and it's nice to put on before bed and on the weekends. My lips don't really get dry, ever, but I suspect as I up the amount of lip products I review, they might. This will be good to have around and will become my staple lip balm this year.

Well, those are the skincare products I hope to use up in 2015! As with the makeup products, I'll be posting monthly updates with my progress.

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