16 Feb 2015

Review: essence sun club all-in-one bronzing highlighter

I've always shied away from bronzer because of how pale I am. When I saw this essence all-in-one "bronzing highlighter" targeted supposedly for "blondes with lighter skin", I figured I'd give it a lark.

This bronzer has a highlighter shade, two blush and three bronzing shades. It's a cute design, but not particularly effective for trying to apply one at a time.
Another thing to note: it smells like sweet coconut milk! I'm a total sucker for scented powders, if my affinity for Anna Sui is any hint.

The highlighter and blush shades (I layered the blushes on top of each other into one swatch) are very chunky and flaky, hard to pick up with my finger. The bronzing shades are a little smoother.

Here they are all smooshed together into one swatch.

And here's what the powder looked like once I smooshed my finger across every shade...

I'll admit, I was kinda scared to put this on my face, because it's very warm-toned.

I applied the powder with a fluffy angled brush to the hollows of my cheeks. Here, it actually looks like a flattering contour; in person it looks a little ridiculous. I have a feeling it would be more flattering if I perhaps applied it a tad more lightly. It could also look nice as an eyeshadow, if I were to only have room for one product in my bag. My big drawback to this product is that it doesn't have a mirror, though you can't really expect that at a five-dollar pricepoint.

If you're pale but warm-toned and have been searching for a bronzer (and like coconuts), this might be for you! Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find a way to wear this out of the house.

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