13 Feb 2015

Review: Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour in 100

Oh man, you guys. I'm so pumped. I've been lusting over this one piece of makeup for literally years and I FINALLY GOT IT.

That makeup is the Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour in 100. I saw it in a review when I was in the tenth grade and knew I had to have it. And now I do!

Have some picture-spam of this gorgeous thing. Seriously, Anna Sui is my favourite brand ever almost solely based on their packaging. It fits my aesthetic to a T.

It's a gorgeous rose-shaped powder with different shades of lavender and powder blue meant to be swirled together. And- it smells like roses. Your face smells like roses when you put this on. You feel like a fairy princess.

When I stick my finger in the pan, magic happens. It took me so long to get my camera to focus for that picture but it's so worth it.

The pigmentation isn't all that strong and the texture is powdery. This is more of a setting powder for your cheeks than a blush. If you're looking for the absolute subtlest purple blush in the whole world, get this.

On the face, it adds a certain shimmery je-ne-sais-quoi.

That's not the light on my cheek- it's the powder. I'm glowing!
I'm in love with this product! It's not for everyone, but I'm so glad I own it.
10 points to Anna Sui!

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