13 Feb 2015

Review: essence longlasting eye pencils

I used to hate eyeliner. It didn't come in any fun colours, and trying to apply it looked like a kindergartener scribbled on my eyelid.

A couple of years later, I tried these essence liners, and the rest is history.

(L-R) C'est La Vie!, Black Fever, Berry Merry, Remember Amber, Cool Down, Tu-Tu-Touquoise , Hot Chocolate

The essence longlasting eye pencils are automatic eyeliners, nearly identical in packaging to NYX's automatic eye liners.

(Top to bottom: C'est la Vie!, Black Fever, Berry Merry, Remember Amber, Cool Down, Tu-tu-touquoise, Hot Chocolate)

C'est la Vie! is a sparkly white-silver.
Black Fever is a black. Not the blackest black, but not gray either. It seems to have a blue base.
Berry Merry is a brown-mauve. It's disappointing because I hoped it would be more of an actual berry colour. If I want brown, I'll buy brown.
Remember Amber is a nice yellow-orange.
Too Cool is the colour of blue jeans.
Tu-tu-touquoise is an aqua with silver glitter. It's extremely crumbly, falls apart whenever I try to use it, and even crumbled when I swatched it.

Hot Chocolate is a medium brown.

As you can see, there's a wide range of colours. I've owned an emerald-coloured one a couple of times, but I keep losing the damn things; me and green eyeliner aren't meant to be.
They're not the absolute smoothest, and they set in a matter of seconds to be relatively unsmudgeable. Too Cool can stain a bit.
They last all day on the lids and about 4 hours on the waterline.

Here they are on my eyes.

Here I've used Too Cool and C'est la Vie! layered on top of each other with a blue eyeshadow underneath.

Here is Black Fever used in some sort of punk-inspired look all over the lid.

Here is Hot Chocolate in a v-shape; it's very smooth.

Here is Tu-tu-touquoise. It came out nicer than expected.

Here is Berry Merry in a subtle look.

Here is Remember Amber as a pop of unexpected colour.

All in all, these are a cheap thrill and I recommend beginners who don't yet have an eyeliner wardrobe pick up a few to play with! If you've already got a bunch of, say, L'oreal silkissimes of UD 24/7s however, you probably won't miss these.

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