14 Feb 2015

Review: Go Be Lovely Grapefruit Oleander Fragrance Rollerball

Man, I've been on a serious fragrance kick lately. Probably because it's one of the things not included in my no-buy, and also just because I like smelling good. I've been using up my free perfume samples from Sephora orders to figure out what I like, and I've determined that I like sweet, fruity scents.

I picked up this find at a Chapters store. Pure impulse buy, I was waiting to meet a university advisor at the Starbucks and had an hour to kill. There were a few Go Be Lovely scents out on display, and I ended up picking Grapefruit and Oleander, even though I really wanted them all.

The outer tube is so beautiful- it's sturdy cardboard, perfect for toting the actual rollerball with you. Which you'll need to do- but we'll get to that later.

This demi-perfume (that's what it's called! don't look at me weird) rollerball is 6.5ml or 0.22 fl oz. The tube describes it as,

{ ... Fresh, with a twist of the unexpected. Let a sweet combination of grapefruit, geranium and cedarwood carry you away. }

This is a perfectly nice (and lovely!) scent, smelling primarily of candied grapefruits. I wouldn't describe it as fresh, more of a sweet smell. I catch some geranium but no cedarwood. It's kind of one-note, which is okay if you want to just smell like grapefruits sometimes- which I do. I honestly shouldn't be reviewing perfume because I have a crap sense of smell, but there you go.

There is one big drawback to this perfume, though- lasting power. This has none. Maybe two hours tops. Also, its throw is nonexistant. Nobody is going to be able to smell this on you unless they're pressed up against you. This works for me as I wear it on my wrists, primarily on school days. My school is a fragrance-free zone, but all of the boys in my classes smoke, and thus reek, so I need a little reprieve from that throughout the day.

If you need a very subtle perfume and like grapefruit, and don't mind carrying a rollerball in your purse, go for this scent. While I'm vaguely satisfied with this scent for my needs (though the lasting power should really be better), the experience has unfortunately turned me off to the rest of Go Be Lovely's perfume line.

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