15 Feb 2015

Review: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Time to review my only holy-grail makeup product- the one category that I'm not constantly searching for a replacement or the next for, because what I have is perfect for me.
That product is highlighter, specifically theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer.

Fun fact: I use this as my on-the-go compact mirror of choice, and every time I whip this out, I get at least three different people asking, "is that Taylor Swift?"

Mary-Lou is a heavenly fine-milled powder, with a pan even bigger than your average pressed setting powder. This babe and I are gonna spend many lovely years together.
The powder itself is a champagne shimmer with a breathtaking golden sheen.

When applied with a fluffy brush to my cheekbones, it lights up my face with a soft glow. I always get compliments that my skin looks great ever since I've started using this product- and I have terrible skin.

It looks good applied to the collarbone, but can accentuate flyaways and is a bit too dark for my brow-bone. Mary-Lou looks absolutely freaking gorgeous as an eyeshadow- so gorgeous that I've worn her by herself on my eyelid on multiple occasions! If Megan's wearing a single eye shade at any given time, you know that stuff's gotta be good.

I love theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer and hope to death that we are never parted!

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