3 Sep 2016

July & August Beauty Favourites!

I never ended up posting a July Favourites, even though there were some standout products in that month. I figured I'd just combine the two months of July and August into a Summer Favourites type of post!

We're going to start off with eyeshadow palettes. I've got one for each month!

July's standout palette was the e.l.f. 'mad for matte' palette, and August's was easily the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette.

The Modern Renaissance palette was one I wanted from the moment I saw it. It's got a ton of unique shades that are still very wearable. The pigmentation of these shadows is insane- I actually tend to spend a lot of time building my crease up because I prefer to use a lighter hand with pigmented shadows. They have a lot of kickup, very similar to the LORAC formula, but that's something I don't mind at all. All of the shadows work very well with one another, and I love that the mattes are all pigmented and soft enough to be used as a true lid colour. What really sells me on this palette, though- it matches both of my work uniforms in a way I thought nothing ever would. I have a muted magenta scrub shirt at the moment, and come fall we'll switch to a burgundy and black uniform top. This palette is amazing for being able to wear colour in my workplace without clashing with my uniforms (let's be real, so many colours clash with pink!)

My only gripe with the palette is that I wish it had two more shades- a more midtoned warm brown, because I find the jump from Raw Sienna (bottom left) to Cyprus Umber (top right) to be a little too dramatic. I also wish there were a shimmery copper shade, something like MAC Amber Lights or MUG Untamed.

The e.l.f. 'mad for matte' palette is a standout for anyone who needs a staple neutral matte palette to flesh out their collection but doesn't want to break the bank. I find these shadows to be on par with the quality of my Stila ones. This palette has two browbone higlights, two gorgeous transition shades, a warm brown crease shade, some deepening shades and a matte grey and black. The pan sizes are generous, the palette is slim as can be and only ten dollars. You simply can't go wrong with this one. I picked mine up at the Real Canadian Superstore but I've also seen it in the new e.l.f. display at my local Wal-Mart.

Keeping on the theme of eyes, I've got a single shadow and a liner to talk about.

MAC Saddle eyeshadow- where have you been all my life? I'm laughing because this thing is probably just as old as I am yet it still works great. My mom passed this to me, and I actually find myself lacking a midtone brown in a lot of situations. This shadow is creamy, pigmented, and a gorgeous chocolate colour. I'm relucatant to depot it because it's so convenient to pull out when I just need a midtone brown, but the packaging is actually starting to fall apart.

I picked up an 100 point perk size of the Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper very reluctantly, on the recommendation of pretty much everyone in the CBB. I was completely and utterly devoted to my Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner, but I actually haven't touched it since this came in the mail. It dries. So. Quickly. The only things I ask for in a black liner are that it is easy to apply and dries quickly, because I have hooded eyes and suck royally at eyeliner. This dries on my eye almost instantaneously, doesn't get clogged with shadow, and is practically bulletproof. It's often the last part of my makeup to disintegrate after a sweaty 8-hour shift. I've worn this sucker for 15 hours- walking to work in 30 degree heat, cleaning toilets, changing beds- it didn't even budge in the slightest. Colour me damn impressed.

Two face favourites I had were the MAC blush (?) in... Golden Kitty Primpin'? This had to be part of some limited release eons ago, and my aunt who used to work for MAC generously gifted it to me when we saw each other at a wedding this summer. Though it's a duo product, I've been swirling my brush in both sides to get the most gorgeous, dramatic, fall-appropriate flush of colour and sheen.

The e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder is a really, really good setting powder. I've been trying new ones as I find that I go through my Joe Fresh translucent powder too quickly, and I picked this up when I saw it in the new display at Wal-Mart. It's a translucent powder that mattifies and sets my face without drying out the look of my foundation, especially around my undereyes. I expect to use this up!

Here's a picture of me wearing the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette (with the help of Untamed Foiled Shadow by Makeup Geek on the lid) and Golden Kitty Primpin' by MAC.

I also have a brush favourite- this e.l.f. (I'm sorry, I just really loved e.l.f. this summer) Flawless Face brush (I think that's what it's called) is perfect for really getting my face powder to set my foundation, or to just apply a layer of powder foundation! I haven't yet used it for liquid foundation but I might soon.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream is a product I've had for, well, a while. I always thought it was too thick for me but it turns out I was just using way too much! When I just use a dab of this, it's perfect and leaves my skin feeling supple. I've officially welcomed it back to my skincare routine.

What was a brand that wowed you more than once this summer?

2 Sep 2016

Haul: A Trip to Toronto!

It seems that whenever I go on vacation, it's to spend a couple of days in Toronto. Truth be told, that's all I can afford at the moment- but you can bet that I'm gonna shop while I'm there! Sometime at the end of July, a good friend of mine from uni asked if I wanted to spend two days in The Big Smoke and check out some stuff he had free passes for (museums and the like- he works for Tourism Ontario in the Niagara region). We ended up doing a bunch of things I'd never been to before- mainly the ROM, the Bata Shoe Museum, the St. Lawrence Market, and a couple of bars in the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood.

 And of course, I dragged him into every makeup store we passed.

Once my mom, sister and I drove down, we decided to park at Yorkdale and take the subway downtown from there (I was carrying everything for the trip in my backpack and large purse. I did my best not to look suspicious, believe me!) We split up so my mom could go to the archives (she's a genealogist) and my sister and I commenced our shopping. We started at, where else? Sephora.

I went in with the intention of buying a full-size of the Too Faced HangoveRX primer and a couple of Anastasia eyeshadows and walked out with totally different stuff.

They didn't have the shadows I wanted available for swatching (Macaroon, mainly) and I saw that I could get a sample of the primer as an 100 point perk, so that I did. I also knew I wanted a few foundation samples, and the cast member recommended the Josie Maran Argan Vibrancy and Too Faced Born This Way foundations. I got samples of those, as well as the Origins Original Skin Retexturizing face mask.

While I was looking around the checkout line, I noticed they had a mini of the new MUFE Excessive Lash mascara that my favourite youtuber (Kayla Hagey) had been raving about. I needed a new mascara and while I'd been planning on picking up another mini of my favourite MUFE Smokey Extravagant, I went out on a limb and picked this one up (spoiler alert: I love it even more!)

An Anastasia lip gloss also caught my eye- the shade Sunset Strip, which is described as a sparkly coral. It reminded me so much of an Elizabeth Arden lip gloss that was LE for this summer. I wanted it desperately, but the price tag meant it wasn't happening. This gloss was an impulse purchase, but I don't feel as bad as I should for buying it.

We made our way downtown to shop for some clothes for my sister at the Eaton Centre. I picked her up a couple of cute shirts at H&M, but I also knew I wanted to check out the makeup. Sadly, they didn't have my favourite double-ended brushes or makeup sponge (I was heartbroken, tbh).

I ended up picking up three of their High Impact Eye Colour single eyeshadows (my jaw was dropping at the pigmentation of some of them in the store) as well as a Perfectionist Finishing Powder in the shade Alabaster, because I rarely find powders as light in shade as this one.

Going clockwise, I picked up three colours of shadow I'd been lemming for when I do my looks, and that I'd been planning to buy dupes of anyway- a cool-toned medium purple called Violaceous (similar to Morphe Grape Day), a brightened mustard yellow called Turmeric (similar to Luxie Wheatness), and a metallic lavender called Award Season (similar to the aforementioned Macaroon by Anastasia).

Here are some swatches of the three shades- Violaceous is rather weak, but as I'll likely just be building this up in the crease, I don't really mind. Turmeric is gorgeous, and Award Season is gorgeous, with just the right amount of sparkle.

Next, I met up with my friend, and I informed him that I needed to make a pilgrimage to the NYX store, preferably the one on Queen West, as the Eaton Centre one was ridiculously crowded. He agreed, and off we went.

The store was incredible. They didn't have the two items I wanted the most- the glitter primer and the Angel Veil Primer- but I did manage to find a few things to try out that I either couldn't get in Sudbury, or that were far cheaper than at home.

I knew I wanted the Tame & Frame brow pomade, and it's honestly done a world of difference for my brows since I started using it! I also grabbed a Face & Body glitter in the shade Violet to play around with, as I don't own any glitter and I wanted to pick up something cheap to decide if I liked incorporating glitter into my looks. I expect that the Pro Foundation mixer in White will be somewhat of a lifesaver- and yes, a review will be forthcoming. In fact, both of the foundation samples I got from Sephora were too dark so I'll be using this soon! The pro foundation sponge intrigued me as it was cheap and my H&M one is starting to get a little janky. I grabbed it, and the only thing I don't like about it so far is that there is no pointed end, so it's hard to apply powder with it.

Here's a close-up of the glitter.

Now for the colour cosmetics!

I picked up one of the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks in the shade Exotic, because I thought I needed more neutral liquid lipsticks (the keyword there being "thought"). I grabbed one of the matte lipsticks in the shade Crazed, a beautiful reddy rust colour. And I don't know what possessed me to buy two of the primal colours, other than the fact that they were on sale and *gasp* red eyeshadow!

Here are some clockwise swatches of those products:

The Primal Colours swatch a little poorly but over a white base, shouldn't be too bad.

Lastly, I dragged Joe into another Sephora on the way back from the ROM. This one was much less crowded and I really had time to look around. Despite that, I ended up just purchasing some skincare-esque stuff!

I bought a Makeup Eraser, which for those of you who don't know, is supposed to be a facecloth that removes all of your makeup with just water. I've been running down my stockpile of Target Up&Up makeup remover wipes, and I am not about to spend ten dollars on a pack of Neutrogena wipes, so I grabbed this. I figure it'll be good for when my makeup starts to look gross near the end of my evening shifts.

And this face mask set from Peter Thomas Roth had been in my online cart for a long while- my sister and I love to have weekly mask nights. There are a fair amount of hydrating masks in this set (for me), and a fair amount of purifying masks (for her), so I figured what the heck and threw it into my basket.

Well, that's all I picked up in Toronto! Sorry for the wordy post, but I figure as I've been posting less frequently, I'm really going to try and go into detail when I do manage to put something out. Have you tried anything I picked up?

22 Aug 2016

My Top 5 Fruity Teas From DAVIDsTEA... Plus Makeup Looks for Each?

I've been working on this post for a long time- as long as I've been harboring my love for DAVIDsTEA. I hope to integrate beauty and tea on my blog a little bit, and I figured this would be as good a start as any- connecting the two! Here are some makeup looks inspired by my top 5 fruity-flavoured teas from the brand DAVIDsTEA, in ascending order.

#5- Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait was one of the first teas I loved from DAVIDsTEA. Its yogurty, fruity smell pulled me right in and I had to try it. Sadly, it's heavy in hibiscus, which I'm not overly crazy about. I tend to make my first cup of this tea as an iced tea, and then use the second steep for a latte as the hibiscus has been steeped out, so as to not cause the milk to curdle (which has been the source of much debate, trust me).

Big chunks of strawberries and yogurt pieces make this herbal infusion positively scrumptious. For the makeup look, I wanted to evoke a latte made with this tea.

This look was a fairly simple one. I used Swoon from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette in the crease and outer corner, with Girl Talk Prismatic Shadow by NYX on the lid. On the inner corner is the OFRAxdupethat highligher in You Glow, Girl! The wing was made with the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner. I tried to go for a dewy look, so I mixed some of the BECCA Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector in with my foundation, and highlighted my cheekbones with the same pinky-toned highlighter I used in my inner corner. For blush I'm wearing the Body Shop All-in-One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum, and on the lips I have the LORAC Alter Ego lipstick in Girl Next Door topped with a milky pink lipgloss by Bite Beauty.

#4- Sunny Citrus

I feel bad for mentioning this tea since it's been discontinued for a while- I received it in a swap. However, Orange Creamsicle from T By Daniel is a good dupe for the flavours.
Sunny Citrus is a gorgeous mix of orange, lime, and ... vanilla? A lot of people like it iced, but I prefer it hot so the hibiscus isn't as apparent and you get a lot more of the vanilla flavour.

For this look I used primarily my Urban Decay Electric palette. Thrash is the lime green I applied heavily to the lower lashline- I also lined my waterline with a green MAC eyeliner (can't remember the name, but it was LE anyway). I used Slowburn all into my crease and lid, using Makeup Geek Chickadee as a transition colour. I also put Makeup Geek Fortune Teller (foiled) on the inner half of my lid. I think I highlighted my inner corner with BECCA Moonstone. On the cheeks is Joe Fresh cream blush in Melon, I believe, and the lips are MAC Morange lipstick.

#3- Serenity Now

I fell in love with Serenity Now, an herbal infusion, as soon as I tried it. I originally bought it because of my love of Seinfeld, but this tea is such a good staple while remaining one-of-a-kind. I find it to be more satisfying than "relaxing", with its mellowed-out blend of mint, strawberry, and a hint of lavender.

Plus it's very, very pretty.

For the look, I wanted to play up the lavender and mint. I used my Swoon from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette in the crease, and the Shiseido cream shadow in  on the lid. On the lower lashline are both shadows from an unnamed Maybelline duo, and on the inner corner is Muse from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette. On the cheeks is the Clinique Cheek Pop in Pansy Pop, and the OFRAxdupethat highlighter in You Glow, Girl!
For the lips, I used the Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid lipstick in Ayesha and then patted the Shiseido cream shadow over it for a bit of iridescence.

#2- Electric Lemonade

There's a reason Electric Lemonade is second on my list of favourite fruity teas- I love everything about it. It's a maté, which means it's energizing as all hell, and its flavour is complex while still being delicious and not overwhelming. The same leaves will steep multiple times as well, making this tea very cost-effective.

The flavour of this tea is definitely lemonade inspired, but it's so much more than that. Now, I'm not usually a berry fan, but there's something almost blackberry-wine inspired to this lemonade iced tea. It's unique and certainly addicting.

For this look, I needed to make the "lemonade" part clear, but I also wanted to convey how much of this tea tastes like delicious bright berries.
For the eyes, in the crease and outer V are Swoon from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette and Savage from the Urban Decay Electric palette. On the lid and inner corner is Telepathy Super Shock Shadow by Colourpop (part of the Where the Night Is quad in collaboration with KathleenLights). For the lower lashline, I lined my waterline with Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Piggy Bank and then smudged some of Anthem from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette onto the lashline. Cheeks are a mix of Pansy Pop from Clinique and Hussy by Illamasqua. Lips are the Milani

#1- Caribbean Crush

Caribbean Crush was undoubtedly the fan favourite out of the 2016 Summer Collection, and I'll fight anyone who says that I'm not its biggest fan. This fruit infusion packed with cranberries, pineapple and papaya smells like pure heaven. I wish DAVIDsTEA had made a candle or body cream that smelled like this tea- I even keep the tin by my bedside so I can smell it when I'm going to sleep. I'm totally in love with it. It's just.... yummy? Fruity, yet different, and incredible when oversweetened just a tad. I can't put my finger on what makes this tea so unique and amazing, but I've been replenishing my stash high and low from anyone who will give me some, as this tea has been discontinued (as it was LE).

For this look, I wanted to capture the happiness that this tea makes me feel- the deliciousness of the Carribean, an explosion of fun colour and flavour.

This look was pretty complicated, on the eyes, anyway. Tutorial-worthy, I'd say, if I were patient/skilled enough for that sort of thing.
I used mainly the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, so when I reference a shade without telling you what brand, that's where it's from.
I started out with Illamasqua Single Shadow in Creep, a periwinkle blue, using it heavily as a transition shade through my crease and blowing it out. I then deepened up the crease with Synth, and in the spur of the moment, decided that Misfit (a true matte green) would look great on the outer corner and pulled into the crease. For the lid, I used two single shadows by essence: the 3D shadow in Irresistible Mermaid Kiss all over the lid, and the Metal Glam shadow in Jewel Up The Ocean for the glitter.

The lower lashline was a bit more tricky to make it not look muddy. I used a white sticky base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk), and then, starting at the inner corner going to the outer corner of the lower lashline, placed and blended in order: Fran (yellow), Analogue (orange), and Destroyer (red). I lined my lower waterline with Piggy Bank Creme Gel Liner by Colourpop and put Makeup Geek's Foiled Eyeshadow in Fortune Teller on the inner corner.

On the cheeks is essence Heat Wave, BECCA Champagne Pop and the Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer. I decided to do a few different lip options- in the photos above is MAC's Morange, and on the bottom is the Milani

Which look was your favourite? How do you feel about the fruity iced tea craze? Do you like makeup looks inspired by other things? Let me know in the comments below!

16 Aug 2016

Disappointing Products (That The Internet Made Me Buy): Face Edition

Today (night?) I'm melding two posts I've been meaning to do into one: a disappointing products post, and a post about products that the internet 'made me buy' or otherwise influenced me to purchase (whether it be general hype or a specific recommendation from an idol or friend). And to get even more specific, this post will feature all face products, because I've got a lip and eye post coming later on! So let's just jump into this, shall we?
I excitedly anticipated the release of the L'Oreal Pro Glow foundation after I saw the preview on instagram. I was sure it would become my new Holy Grail foundation. It claimed everything I wanted in a foundation, it was drugstore, for dry skin, had some very pale, cool shades, and it came in a squeeze tube.  What more could I have asked for? My excitement doubled when I heard youtubers reviewing this foundation- actually going somewhat in-depth- and raving about it. They said it lasted all day and made their skin look gorgeous.

I finally got my hands on it after three weeks of stalking the local Wal-Mart. I was so sure that I would love it, that I applied it before work that day without testing the wear first. That was a mistake. This foundation seemed to eat up any powder I set it with. It looked decent for an hour and then gummed up in all of my lines- and worse, it started to wipe off my face in huge clumps. It was like my skin was repelling the product. I looked like hell for a good half of my work shift.

And then..... it broke me out. I'm not particularly acne-prone, but suddenly I had red and white pimples all over my cheeks, chin, and in between my eyes. It took a week for the breakout to be appeased with masks and spot treatments. The whole texture of my skin was thrown off and irritated. In short, I'm never going to wear this foundation again. I wanted to do a full review and wear test, but I just can't bear to put this stuff on my face again.


Another product that I was excited to buy (okay, let's face it, for someone like me, every new makeup purchase is exciting) was the NYX HD Photogenic concealer. My Youtube idol, Kayla Hagey, used it all the time to highlight her face and conceal blemishes and it looked awesome. Sadly, it doesn't agree with my dry skin- I found it clung to patches that I didn't even know were dry, even with a smoothing primer underneath. This made the coverage look cakey no matter what I did. I'm still willing to give this one another chance, but after hearing it be hyped up for so long, this concealer was a huge letdown.


(photo credit: amazon.com)
I don't actually have my own product picture since I already gave the product away, but the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso has been a cult favourite of Youtubers and bloggers alike for years. It's supposed to complement and give life to any skin tone- but it seems I have one of the skin tones it just isn't flattering on. Now, I love orange blush, but this is a shade of peachy-orange that on me, makes it look as if I applied patches of a too-dark foundation to my cheeks. I can't make this look good on me no matter what I do. At least in this case it's not a dud product, just a shade that's unflattering on me personally.


Kathleenlights is one of my favourite Youtubers, and she loves the NYC Smooth Skin Powder. I'd seen her using it in a few tutorials recently, and had been running out of my favourite loose powder. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a huge tub of loose powder for around five dollars... well, apparently I could. I found my makeup looking just... bad, somehow, whenever I used this powder, and then I figured out that it was making my concealer and foundation oxidize really badly. It also exacerbated wrinkles I didn't even know that I had! It made me feel ugly, and that's the opposite of what makeup is supposed to do, so I'm not going to use this product anymore and consider it disappointing.


My last disappointing product is one that I still use regularly, but one that I could definitely live without as it didn't live up to my expectations. Hold the rotten tomatoes- that product is none other than BECCA's Champagne Pop. It was recommended to me by several of my blogging friends in the CBB, but I don't fault them for that. ;D

I just don't know how to feel about this product. It looks gorgeous and reflective on everyone else- just watching Chelle of Makeup Your Mind apply it in her videos is a religious experience. But on me, it's just okay. The powder has glitter in it, which I don't like, and I find myself reaching for this highlighter only out of obligation. I much prefer BECCA Moonstone to Champagne Pop, and that might just be because of my skin tone, but I find the product itself to be dry and a little powdery. I don't know if I regret making this purchase, necessarily, but I do know that I was disappointed with this product.


What's the last product you bought because of the online world of beauty influencing? Did you love or hate it? Tell me in the comments!

2 Jul 2016

June 2016 Favourites!

June went by in a flash. It honestly wasn't a very good month for me, and most of the time, I was either too busy or too depressed to wear makeup. I tended to go back to the same products again and again, and those products are going to be included in my monthly favourites! I have two makeup items, a skincare item and a tea.

The first product is something I've had for a long time and never loved as much as I thought I would- it's finally getting the love it deserves! Behold, the Clinique Cheek Pop blush in Pansy Pop. It's a vibrant lilac-lavender blush with a dense, buildable formula. I found it paired extremely well with every eye look I was putting together this month, and since this doesn't require a skilled hand to apply, it was the blush I wore for most of the month.

My second favourite is something I purchased more recently, but still didn't fall in love with for a while. The Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette has been my go-to for the past month- I've scarcely worn makeup without using this palette. It's such an easy, thoughtless palette for a neutral look. The shade Extra Creamy is the most perfect browbone highlight I've ever come across. A full review of this palette will be written eventually!

I picked up The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion after seeing fellow CBB member Zoe's review on it. I have very dry skin and The Body Shop is my go-to brand for skincare. I like the Vitamin E line, but I find the regular moisturizer to be a little heavy, especially when I just want to restore my skin's moisture after washing my face. This lotion was $20 CAD, which was a splurge for me, but it's totally worth it. It's thin, watery and sinks in quickly, refreshing the skin with ease. I use it a few times a day and I haven't had issues with dry patches this month!

My last favourite is a tea from- you guessed it- DAVIDsTEA. I'd been wanting to try their Electric Lemonade tea for a while, so I ordered a small amount off of a swap group and promptly fell in love. It's a gorgeous, strong tea that tastes like a perfect berry lemonade. It's a Mate tea, so it's very energizing, meaning I make a lot of this tea on my night shifts. It's great iced, but good hot, too, and I can re-steep it up to two or three times before it gets weak. I've already ordered a tin of it, and I figure this will be my staple tea throughout the summer!

That's it for my June favourites! How was your June?

30 Jun 2016

My Favourite Gold Highlighters + Ones I Want To Try

Who doesn't love a good gold highlighter? Some may have tons, but I've found two that I love and have stuck to them. Those two highlighters are the Wet N Wild Fergie Collection Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard, and The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer. Though one is drugstore and one is high-end, I love them the same!

 I picked up the Wet N Wild Fergie Collection Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard over in the USA, for about five US dollars (I believe the Fergie line is actually being discontinued, so get it while you can!). It's gorgeous with a buttery texture, all sheen and no glitter. It feels like a luxury powder! Don't let the pink and brown stripes fool you- this product swatches a beautiful gold. It was my first (and only) foray into true gold highlighter. I wanted to know if it would look good on me- I was afraid gold would be too dark on my fair skin tone. However, I think it looks great! I especially love to layer it with the next highlighter I'll mention.

The Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm was about 28 dollars Canadian, and is widely known as a cult favourite. It was the very first highlighter I ever purchased, and I still use it regularly (as you can see by the fact that I've hit pan!). It's a light, pale, neutral gold and it is very intense, with a lot of shimmer. It looks gorgeous on the skin and pairs with any makeup look.

Some swatches for you- on the top is Hollywood Boulevard, and on the bottom is the Mary Lou Manizer.

And here they are catching the light! Look how gorgeous!

Though I've stuck with these old faithfuls for a long time, I'm looking to expand my gold highlighter horizons! Here are a few I've been lemming after for the past little while.

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer, $31 CAD

I've wanted this highlighter *desperately* for about a year but the price tag always stops me. I feel like I don't use liquid highlighter enough to justify it, but every time I swatch this in store it's so incredibly intense and gorgeous that my jaw drops. I'm just gonna have to hope to receive this as a gift someday.

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey, $28 USD

Another cult favourite, this highlighter is so enticing. Not only is it beautiful, but I've heard nothing but raves about it- that it melts into the skin, is almost reflective, the whole nine yards. Whenever I make it to ULTA I'm definitely picking this up.

How do you feel about gold highlighter? Any faves I should know about?

18 Jun 2016

Products I've Hit Pan On!

Whenever I look back on my instagram to see which posts were the most popular, it's always the posts featuring products I've #hitpan on. The panning community in general is awesome, so I figured I'd do a post showing all the products in my collection that currently have some pan going on! And I'm sure I'll have another post like this soon, because I have so many products, particularly eyeshadows, that are soooo close to hitting pan.

Anyways- let's get into the good stuff!

First up is this Too Faced Jingle All the Way "phone palette" that I've had for ages. It was my first foray into high-end eyeshadow- picked up for a measly 15 bucks when I went on vacation to Washington, D.C. I believe it was part of a holiday collection, and I grabbed it out of the sale bin the following spring. You can definitely see which shadows were part of my "signature look" with this palette- I would use the light matte brown in the crease, the bronze/copper on the lid, the purple (so close to hitting pan!) on the outer V, and the matte cream shade (RIP) to blend out the edges.

Next up is a product I will probably be pitching after I finish this post, because the packaging is busted, as you can see. This was my first ever bronzer- the essence sun club bronzer in Fair. It was light, shimmery and smelled like coconut tanning oil. I really wish they would bring this back.

This Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Game Face is showing pan, but that's not because of regular use. I've used this maybe four times, but the pan is so shallow that I've already hit it.

On the flip side, I've used this Maybelline Baked shadow in Bronze Blowout nearly to death. The right side is half gone!

In my LORAC Pro 2 palette, I've hit a large amount of pan on the shade Buff and a tiny, almost imperceptible bit on Beige.

And to finish up the shadows- I don't know how on Earth I managed to hit pan on this silvery-taupe shade in the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette, because I've used it a handful of times compared to other shades in the palette that don't yet have any pan showing.

Onto the rest of the face products! I'll probably be inconsolable when I finish up this Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Fair Cool. It's the perfect powder foundation for me- medium-to-full coverage, natural finish, and looks good throughout the day. I couldn't live without this in the summer months.

TheBalm's Mary Lou Manizer is the first highlighter I ever owned, and it's huge, so I'm still impressed I've hit pan on it. I still use it regularly, as it's a gorgeous product and perfect for my skin tone.

This Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting palette has seen better days, but I'm glad I've been getting use out of it! I don't touch the white or purple shades, but I always use the green to correct blemishes and the yellow to correct dark circles under my eyes.

It's obvious that I love this Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape. It gives me the perfect natural flush on days where I'm not wearing any foundation.

And last but not least- how exciting is the pan in this NYX HD Blush in Taupe? I've been making a huge dent in this powder, which I use to contour! I'd almost venture to say I'm using it up too quickly...

Well, that's all the products I've hit pan on recently! How are your panning ventures going?

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