13 Mar 2015

Snoop my Stash: Lipgloss!

Who isn't nosey at the best of times? I think we've all wanted to marvel at someone else's stash at least a few times in our lives. So as part of a new ongoing series of posts, I'm giving you the opportunity to snoop through mine! I'll be going by category, and today's is lipgloss!

My lipgloss stash

It's actually a very small 'stash', as I've turned toward liquid lipsticks and given many of my lip glosses to my sister. Now the only reason I tend to buy lip gloss is because of flavour. Here are all the ones I own! Most are from Bath and Body Works, as you can see.

First, my picks from C.O. Bigelow. My friend swears by this company. I've got their lip cream in Lemon and their Mentha Lip Tints (which are love) in Plum Mint and Caramel Mint.

And here's liplicious for Bath and Body Works! Here I've got Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Oahu, Sky and Ginger Appletini. These are all beautifully flavoured and shiny without being sticky. Do recommend!

Next I've got a Milani gloss and a mini Starlooks gloss from my sister's ipsy bag.

Lastly, a NYX butter gloss and Rimmel Vinyl Gloss.  

There's my lipgloss stash! What would you like to see next?

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