3 Mar 2015

Review: Annabelle Stay Sharp Retractable Eyeliner in Ultraviolet

I'm here with a breakthrough: advertising, sometimes, does work, even on the more critically-minded of us. We are here today because I saw this advertisement in a magazine:

(source: womenfreebies.ca)

and, against my better judgement, even knowing that every purple drugstore liner I've purchased has been a flop even though it looked great in the advertisements, I sought out this Annabelle Stay Sharp liner in Ultraviolet.

The packaging bears a strong resemblance to, if not being nearly identical, Smashbox's self-sharpening eyeliners. It's sleek and nice and represents the colour inside. It is, however, especially prone to rolling off tables. And it really does stay sharp every time! In some ways, such as when you go to just swatch it, this is wasteful rathe than convenient.

Ultraviolet is a light purple liner with a cerulean duochrome. It's kind of neat, actually, just not what I expected or wanted, which was an intense violet eyeliner. It's heavily swatched above; the consistency is rather hard and takes a lot of pressure to build up colour, which isn't good for your eyes.

It's remarkable precise for a retractable eyeliner because of the self-sharpening bit, I'll give it that! It looks rather good with neutral shadows, but if you're looking for a pop to add on top of a bright eye look, this ain't it. It doesn't show up on top of pigmented shadows.

It's an especially nice touch on the lower rim.

The moral of this is: don't trust the advertisers. If you get a nice eyeliner out of it, good on you, but that won't always be the case!


  1. i love the packaging, but the formulation of this doesn't seem ideal!i think it's shade dependent, i don't remember having any issues with the black.

    1. I certainly did pick a shade with a high threshold for disappointment! The packaging is rather professional, though, I agree.


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