24 Mar 2015

Review: GOSH trio eyeshadow in Limelight

GOSH is a brand that holds a special place in my heart. I wore them exclusively for most of the tenth grade, due to buying a bunch in Canterbury on my school trip to England. They evoke fond memories. Naturally, I buy GOSH whenever I get the chance. Today I'm reviewing their Trio Eyeshadow in Limelight.

It's housed in a plastic compact, fairly simple. 

There's a divider in the middle, but it's not raised any higher than the eyeshadows so it's kinda just for show. The consistency of the shadow is very powdery.

(Direct sunlight)

(Indirect natural light)

Going clockwise from the top left-

Shadow 1 is a light yellow-green satin, the colour of grasshopper pie (oh man, now I want some grasshopper pie.)

Shadow 2 is a denim blue shimmer. It takes a bit of building to get it to look true to colour on the eyelids and it produces quite a bit of fallout.

Shadow 3 is a light straw yellow with golden shimmer.

Here they are all slapped on my face at the same time (sans mascara... sorry.)

I'm surprised at how well this look turned out! My main beef with GOSH eyeshadow is that it swatches unbelievably smooth and amazing in store, but when you buy it and take it home, it ends up dry and powdery! So unsatisfying. 

While this wasn't the bright trio I was hoping for, it really adds a nice watercolour wash to my eyes! However, this one still goes in the not-sure-if-worth-keeping-around pile.

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