27 Mar 2015

Review: L'oreal Magic Smooth Mousse Blush in Cherubic

Today's product review is a product I wish would come back. A while back, drugstore brands jumped on the mousse/cream blush wagon and I wish I'd been into beauty when that happened, as mousse blushes are my favourite. I picked up this L'Oreal mousse blush at Beautiful Brands in Guelph. I think it's been discontinued in Canada at least, but it's still available for purchase on the L'oreal US website.

It comes in a heavy acrylic jar with a plastic cap that corresponds to the shade of the blush. The consistency is gorgeous, just like a dessert mousse.

The shade, Cherubic, is a true peach. You only need a dab of product to get a full-cheeked flush. 

It's incredibly flattering, but still not as wearable as I expected!

Ooh, pretty...

It's certainly brighter than I anticipated! Overall, great texture, nice colour, lovely loveLY packaging. I'm very satisfied! 

What is or was your favourite drugstore mousse/liquid/cream blush?

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