10 Mar 2015

My Top 3 Spring Makeup Trends

I walked outside this morning and it wasn't in the negatives. I may have flipped out a little bit in realization that it was time to change up my makeup routine! I resolved to bring out the baby-blues and bright oranges, but decided to check out the runway trends anyway for on-trend ideas. Here's what I found and liked!

1. All About the Eyeliner
cool eye makeup

Death to the smokey eye- eyes on the runway were dominated by graphic liner this season. Ready-for-takeoff wings, painted colour and even spikes were seen around the world! I'm actually pretty bad with liner, but I'm excited to try new things, especially since any screw-up will be seen as a bold statement. You can't go wrong!

2. Lavender
Image result for lavender makeup spring 2015 runway

My favourite colour (okay, one of many, but this is the colour my room has been painted all of my life) makes a comeback! Last year's trend was lavender lips, and now it seems it's moved up to the eyes and cheeks. It's best paired with a groomed but natural-looking brow and bare lips, it seems, but I'm looking forward to pairing it with bright lips too. 'Lavender" is used loosely here, as any shade of plum or lilac is fair game too. I'm planning on using lavender not just for eyes, but for lips and cheeks too.

3. Ruby Lips

Red lips for Spring...? I mean, I was getting excited to wear coral and orange, but okay. I'll try anything. It'll be neat to pair bright candy-red lips with a colourful pop of liner. I'll probably opt for sheerer or glossier reds than the ones pictured above, to keep maintenance on the lower end.

Well, those are the trends I've got my eye on for spring! Stay tuned for next week when I post my attempts and picks for all of them!

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