8 Mar 2015

Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks

I'd been eyeing this for a while, and when Target announced it was ending its Canadian operations, I knew it was now or never!

I grabbed the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks. The packaging is the same size as a MAC blush but obviously feels cheaper.

The consistency of the blush is thin and a bit hard, and on the skin, very dewy, like a stain. However, all you need is a swipe of the finger and BAM, intense pigmentation. 

Red Cheeks is a magenta that colours your cheeks red, somehow. It looks exactly like you've come in from a violent snowstorm.

This is the most natural I could get it to look- and it's a lot brighter than this in person. I lightly dabbed my finger onto the product then tapped it onto my cheeks, and blended it out with the rest of my fingers. It remained workable for about a minute, which is generous for a blush of this texture. Still, my mom was asking what was wrong when she saw me with this on. It's super pigmented.

While this is a very nice cream blush, I prefer NYX's stick blush formulation for its creaminess. However, this is a good product for when you just need bright red dewy cheeks because of reasons.

I'm sure I'll be using this quite a few times before winter ends!

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