2 Mar 2015

Review: Milani Baked Blush in Bella Rosa

And what do we have for today's review? Milani's Baked Blush in Bella Rosa, that's what! Walmart started selling these in Canada, along with the Superstore, around September-ish of last year.

The first impression I get of this product is that the packaging is kind of cheap. I've worn it all of twice, and the front is wearing off.

But look, it has a compartment with a little mirror and tiny brush in it! The mirror is useful, I guess, but honestly, it just makes the package that much more bulky. Also, tip: please do not use the brush to apply this blush. It is scratchy and picks up way too much pigment. You will have two hot pink stripes on your cheeks.

The pan of blush, however, is gorgeous. It's got the signature rounded top of a baked cosmetic, and looks bouncy and vibrant.

Bella Rosa is a I-just-got-slapped bright dark pink. It's pigmented... too pigmented. The top swatch is what happened when I swiped my fingertip across the blush and dragged it across my forearm. The bottom is me dabbing my finger gently across the top of the blush, and blending diligently.

It's a nice colour, but so pigmented. These pictures are the most natural I could get it to look.

Overall this is a nice blush, but not for beginners or the faint of heart. I cannot stress enough that you should apply this with a stippling brush for even distribution, and under a powder for the nicest finish. I'm interested in trying the rest of Milani's baked blushes!


  1. I had NO idea that Walmart was selling Milani now. Where the hell have I been! I've been wanting Bella Rosa too so I'm definitely going to have to go hunting for it!

    I agree on the packaging though. Cheap and clunky looking.

    1. Yep! One day, bam, it was there. Agh, I hate Milani packaging. Once I tried to open a lipstick in the store (I know, cardinal sin... I was young and foolish) and the bottom part, the part that has the shade name of the lipstick, came right off instead of the cap. You could see the glue and everything. It really didn't make me want to try Milani.


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