11 Mar 2015

Review: Anna Sui Lipstick in 701

Get ready for some packaging porn, folks, I'm about to review another Anna Sui product. It's a lipstick that I blind-purchased at Marshall's (purchased without checking the colour) because I just wanted an Anna Sui lipstick and I'll wear just about any colour there is.

Look at that packaging! It's plastic, but it's the most ornate plastic you could imagine. Why can't more brands do this?

The bottom of the lipstick tube is a rose, which reflects Anna Sui products' signature scent of rosewater. 

As such, the lipstick doesn't sit down on its own and has to be stored upside-down, which may be a problem for people who live in very hot climates. I would recommend storing this in a drawer, out of direct sunlight.

So, since I chose blindly, I opened the tube and...

... wow. That was not what I expected. At first I was dismayed because out of all the colours this lipstick could have been, I'd never considered nude. Disappointment and trepidation then turned to cautious excitement as I realized that I don't own any nude lipsticks and this would be my first crack at the trend.

701 is a yellow-and-pink-toned nude. It could be a concealer on several people I know, but since I'm so pale, it is distinctly darker than my skin, which is my preferred type of nude. It's very creamy and emollient in consistency and has a glossy finish. It takes a few coats to become opaque and to stop the formula from settling into lip lines.

The result is flattering enough to wear outside, much to my delighted surprise!

I actually quite like this lipstick. Between the gorgeous packaging, luxurious scent, and surprising wearability plus the excitement of something I've never tried before makes this lipstick a winner!

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