6 Mar 2015

Review: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar

Life is full of second chances. I was feeling particularly generous one day, and decided to go through my "didn't work for me" basket and pick out a few things that I didn't really give a fair shot the first time around. One of those products was this Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer (or Apocalips) in Stellar. I think I didn't like it the first time around because of how milky it was on my lips. Here is its second shot!

First off, its packaging is beautiful. I love the cap with its rock-candy appearance, and the ombre that shows off the colour of the product.

It comes with a mostly-standard doe-foot applicator. It has a divot in the center and it's pretty stiff, not soft.

Stellar is a gorgeous, opaque lacquer in a neon watermelon colour. The applicator allows for precise lines, and it takes 4 or 5 passes to get even coverage. The lacquer smells like watermelon jolly ranchers, but the scent dissipates after about 30 minutes.

This is not a liquid lipstick. It stays, though, no fading. If you touch something with your lip, it will transfer, so be careful- but the lacquer will stain your lips so nobody will really notice by the time you've reapplied. After about three hours it dries down to the point where it's not glossy anymore and looks more like a lipstick. It will still transfer a bit, though.

The longest I've worn it is five hours, at which point I had to wipe it off to go to bed. At that point I wasn't experiencing any transferring. The lasting power was very impressive! It's a nice product and now I'm actually thinking of picking up more.

Hooray for second chances!

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