30 Mar 2015

Review: Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Drive Me Nude

I don't know what's taken me so long to review this product, I've had it for eons! Probably the fact that this got lost in my drafts, but... here it is, Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Drive Me Nude.

This was the first nude lip product I ever picked up, so I decided to go with a tinted balm and start slow.

The packaging is typical to other chubby balm sticks I've tried, such as Revlon's. It smells very different than others I've tried though- rather than being minty as is the norm, this has a rather strong, delicious scent of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. It's totally delectable. And I have an awful sense of smell too- I can't get any scent off of NYX's Butter products. The scent on this balm dissipates about five to ten minutes after application.

Drive Me Nude is a strange colour- almost a red-toned beige. It's rather pinky too, and extremely glossy. 

It's more subtle and less brown than I thought it would be. The consistency is very emollient and moisturizing!

This balm lasts about three hours on me before the gloss fades, and leaves a slight stain. Colour fades away after approximately five hours, and it fades evenly (at least this shade)- no weird lip rings like with other brands (looking at you, Wet N Wild Megaslicks). 

If you're looking for a nice pinky nude but don't want to spend the money on MAC, I'd definitely check out this shade! If you're looking for a long-lasting coloured balm, though, I'd probably stick with Revlon. 

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