1 Mar 2015

Review: Hard Candy Top Ten Trendsetters Palette in Birthday Suit

Sometimes you have to buy something based on a hypothesis. I like the Hard Candy Top Ten palettes, so I figured this one would be good too after waffling about it for a while.

Birthday suit is- you guess it- a palette of nudes! They're all matte or satin, and there are a lot of highlight shades, which is how I eventually convinced myself to pick it up.

Shadow 1 is a yellow-toned highlight satin with flaking issues if you try and pick up too much.

Shadow 2 is a milk-chocolate brown satin.

Shadow 3 is a dark-chocolate satin, pretty much the only crease shade this palette has.

Shadow 4 is a pink-toned highlight with a nice enough texture.

Shadow 5 is a taupe with grey-purple undertones.

Shadow 6 is the colour of a baby fox's fur. It's got the best texture of the lot. 

Shadow 7 is a peach-toned highlight.

Shadow 8 is a grey taupe.

Shadow 9 is a midnight blue.

Shadow 10 is a buttermilk highlight.

So that's a total of  two crease shades, four lid shades, and four highlights. I tried to make this palette as versatile as possible for the upcoming looks.

Using shades 2, 5 and 10.

Using shades 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Using shades 3, 4, 8 and 9.

Using shades 6, 7 and 10.

A note; don't use your fingers to apply these. The shadows will go all greasy and hard from the natural oils on the pads of your fingers.

Unfortunately, the shadows aren't very pigmented. I would recommend this to someone who does not like to put on makeup and just feels compelled to wear it to work because of society. It's cheap and you can do the same look everyday for probably years because the proportions of this palette are perfect for someone who wants to do that. Everyone else can skip it.

I think what I'll be doing is depotting the highlight shades, the only ones useful to me, into a Z-palette and tossing/giving away the rest. This was an experience for me!

What's the last beauty purchase you regretted?

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