24 Mar 2015

Review: Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cream Shadow in Overboard

Elizabeth Arden is one of those brands I thought I'd never try until I hit at least 40. But one day at Marshall's, I thought I'd found something for me in the form of a Pure Finish Cream Shadow in Overboard. Blue cream eyeshadow from a high end brand, how could I go wrong?

It comes in a tiny plastic pot that actually feels a lot cheaper than the Maybelline color tattoos. The product did have a cool design, but I had to smoosh it down with my finger. It has a bouncy, squishable texture and smells strongly of fermented fruit punch. It's not entirely unpleasant, but it certainly does smell 'off'. Whether that is because I got it from Marshall's, I don't know. 

(Top- 1 layer, Middle- 2 layers, Bottom- five layers)

The texture once you get it on your finger is very thin. Overboard is a borderline sheer wash of medium blue satin. It took a lot of layers to build up the bottom swatch, which was the closest I could get to opacity. 

Here it is on the eyes by itself, about three layers. If you're going for subtle but still want that '80s Revival' vibe, that's what this gives. 

It makes a nice-looking base for powder eyeshadows and loose eyeshadows. Here I've layered Shiro's Alkahestry over Overboard. 

However, there is a huge caveat. 
Here's a picture of the shadow after three hours of wear. 

Yeah. Uck. I used a good primer (Smashbox 24 hour shadow primer) and set it with a powder shadow. I have dry lids. This should not happen, especially with a high end brand, especially when there are things like Maybelline Color Tattoos on the market. Total fail. 

I wouldn't recommend picking up this cream shadow for any reason. It underperforms miserably and pigmentation is weak. Megan does not like, hashtag fail! Sorry, Lizzie. 


  1. HOLY CRAP! That is some SERIOUS creasing. Jesus, not okay!

    1. I know, right! I was shocked. Shocked and appalled. Not a good first impression of the brand!


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