26 Mar 2015

Review: BareMinerals Eyeshadow duo in the Perfect Storm

Today I'm reviewing a product that nearly everyone can get their hands on- a BareMinerals eyeshadow duo in Perfect Storm. I got it by entering 'READY' as my code when ordering from Sephora online. BareMinerals shadows are ridic' expensive but apparently very good quality, so I was practically jumping out of my jeans to try them.

The small compact is cute and simple. It's got a similar texture to NARS packaging, but somehow manages to collect even MORE dust and schmutz.

It has a little mirror and it came with a tiny applicator that I threw out. The shadows are the size you'd get in a palette with many shades- I could fit a dime on top of the pan, but not a nickel.

The duo contains two fine-milled powder shadows, Cumulus and Tempest.

(L-R) Cumulus, Tempest

 Cumulus is a matte white that's rather impressive as far as matte whites go.
Tempest is a dark, stormy grey-taupe.

It's nice when paired with a bright liner, but still good on its own too.

In these two pictures the shades are blended together.

A couple more pictures sans eyeliner.

I definitely recommend checking out BareMinerals eyeshadow if you get the chance and can swallow that price tag, because these are very satisfying. If you're the kind of person who only needs two or four perfect shadows in their life, I would point you in the direction of these shadows!

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