4 Mar 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in In the Flesh

It's not very often I purchase a makeup product with a specific event or purpose in mind. Usually I can just shop my large stash for whatever I need, but last week I bought Wet N Wild's Megalast lipstick in In the Flesh with the weekend in mind.

My reasonings were:
1) I am going to be going all day and night (at the Brock University open house) without being able to reapply my makeup. I need something extremely longwearing.
2) Since it is a university and I need to make a good impression, I need a natural shade of lipstick.
3) I have natural shades, but none last more than three hours on my lips.
4) I have longwearing lipsticks, but they are all shocking pink, magenta or orange.
5) I do not want to spend a lot for a lipstick I might not wear more than a few times.
6) I know that Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks are longwearing and have some natural shades that would work on my skintone, plus they're about three dollars.

After looking up swatches on dupethat, I settled on In the Flesh.

In the Flesh is a warm brownish neutral pink. It looks more red in the above swatch, but on the lips it's very natural, just a little bit darker than my natural lip colour.

Here it is on the lips. Opaque in two swipes. It's more of a satin than a matte, and it's creamy-smooth. It applies with minimal tugging or dragging. It's got the same packaging problems as the rest of the line, so open the tube carefully. It lasts 8 hours on me without reapplying, including eating meals.

See? Nice and natural. I'm actually wearing it right now! I feel like this is my perfect natural lipstick! Another win for Wet N Wild!

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